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Can Xue Wonderland Nightmare Attacks
Moon mark
RO city name
Luen-Midgard Kingdom
* * * * City-Prondra
Knight Island-Isrud Island
Mountain Capital-payon
Port capital-Alberta
Magic City-Ji Fen
The Border Capital-Dream Rock
Bell Tower-Elpalan
Fantasy City-Gingerbread City
Tianjin city
RO-based attribute
The basic points of characters are
Strength-Strength +1 = Strength +1 Weight +2 that affects the character’s attack power.
Agility-the higher the avoidance rate, the higher the avoidance rate may also affect the attack speed. The impact rate of attack speed is 5%. Agility +1 = avoidance rate +1. The movement speed increases.
Physical strength —— Endurance and physical strength affect the character’s defense strength. The higher the value, the higher the defense strength is. It also affects the increase of health when upgrading, the speed of recovering health, physical strength +1 = health +2, and defense strength +1.
品茶论坛Wisdom-it affects the character’s magic attack power and magic defense power, and it also affects how much magic power increases when upgrading. Wisdom +1 = magic attack power +1M defense power +1 wisdom +2 = magic power +1.
Dexterity-dexterity and proficiency The higher the hit rate, the higher the hit rate may also affect the attack speed. The impact rate of attack speed is 2%. If you are equipped with bows and arrows, you will be dexterous +1 attack power +1 dexterity +1 = hit rate +1 attack power and dexterity +5 = attack power +1.
Luck-the rarity of the treasure may also affect the avoidance rate. Lucky +1 = avoidance rate +1.
Is the attribute value of the base plane.
Attack power-the sum is power+weapon attack power 22+, which means that the power value is 5 and there is no weapon.
Defensive power-the sum is physical strength+armor defensive power 1+5, which means physical strength value 51, which means armor strength 1.
Magic attack power-Magic attack power 5~65, 6 magic attack power, every 5 wisdom magic attack power will increase, every 7 wisdom magic attack power will increase, and every time it increases, it will increase by 2 points. If it increases by 4 points this time, it will increase by 6 points.
Magic defense-the sum is wisdom+equipment magic defense.
Hit rate-the sum is base level+dexterity.
Avoidance rate-the sum is base level+agility +1/1 luck.
The occurrence rate of knowing one’s heart-the higher the value, the greater the chance of knowing one’s heart.
Attack speed-the higher the number, the faster the number of attacks.
RO skill table
Skill table
Swordsman’s proficiency in one-handed swordsmanship, proficiency in two-handed swordsmanship, quick reply, slam, provocation, anger explosion, body domination, weakness attack, mobile recovery HP, and automatic slam.
Knight’s spear proficiency, stab attack, spear stab attack, riding attack, spear throwing attack, two-handed sword attack speed increase, counterattack, monster mutual attack, riding, cavalry training.
Knight Lord Reiki Sword, Double Sword Block, Medium Attack, Speed Recovery, Rage Gun, Spiral Stab, Damage Boost, and Skillful Hit.
Crusader’s letter, automatic defense, shield attack, rotary shield attack, reflection shield, holy cross attack, holy cross judgment, sacrifice, light shield, spear proficiency, spear acceleration, healing, angel protection, angel attack, healing, riding, cavalry training.
Templar Crusaders’ threats, lay down their lives, and holy sounds.
Magic Zen, fire hunting, mind blasting, holy spirit calling, dark barrier, ice arrow, freezing, petrochemical, rocket, fireball, flame wall, lightning strike, thunder explosion and energy jacket.
Wizard pillar attack, fire hunting, meteorite, thunder, thunderbolt, water polo, ice blade wall, frost, snowstorm, seismology, cracking, swamp, monster information.
Super Magic Master’s Soul Absorbing, Magic Strike, Magic Increases, and Mind Strike.
Sage evolution, cancellation of casting, magic punishment, mantra removal, free singing, automatic mantra chanting, fire attribute addition, water attribute addition, wind attribute addition, dragon knowledge, fire element domain, water element domain, wind element domain, earth element domain, magic effect cancellation, random skills, monster intelligence, seismology, and fragmentation.
Wise HP conversion, mind exchange, mental exhaustion, mental shaking, speed reading, mist wall, flammable net
Thieves double whammy, ghosting, stealing, hiding, poisoning, detoxification, sandblasting, retreating and avoiding, and throwing stones.
Assassin’s right hand training, left hand training, hidden weapons training, camouflage, sonic throwing, tooth shadow, poison coating, toxic rebound, virus scattering, toxic infection.
Cross Assassin’s advanced blade training, psychic shock wave, dark instant, venom system, deadly poison coating.
Angel protection, angel strike, light hunting, teleport, array sending, light barrier, healing, acceleration, deceleration, angel tears, angel light, angel barrier, angel blessing, healing, sacred light.
Priests token proficiency, divine power blessing, sacrifice blessing, sprinkling water blessing, holy blessing, glory hall, healing, poison mitigation, resurrection, exorcism, ode to the virgin Mary, lucky carol, silence, metempsychosis, angel anger, cross exorcism attack, Zen mind, dark barrier.
Blessing, sacred temple, meditation of the goddess of God
The monk’s iron sand palm, luck pranayama, gas storage, inspiration, * * fist, serial palm, raptor boasting, bow and shadow, substitute stealthily, flick magical power, soaking strength, true sword breaking the path, bursting gas, King Kong not bad, and Asura overlord boxing.