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Compared with no name and no share, she He Lingjiang LaCrosse’s mother made a decision instead of being unconscious.

But if Jiang Junyue is gone and has been in the hospital, Jiang Han can’t help telling her.
It was also at this time that she remembered that she had refused to pick up a few strange numbers.
It seems that the number also sent a text message to her, and she ignored it because she was harassing or cheating.
I opened it in a hurry and looked at it one by one. My heart was so regretful that my intestines were clear.
It was Jiang Han’s words. He accidentally fell into the toilet in the hospital and called her at a new number.
It turned out that He Ling found Jiang Han and Cheng Qingyang and said that they could get the police to agree to rescue Jiang Junyue on bail, but it was Jiang Han and Cheng Qingyang who had to agree to her request to let Jiang Junyue go abroad to treat He Ling, who was Jiang Junyue’s mother, and they had no objection.
Because she couldn’t get through, Jiang Han and Cheng Qingyang discussed it and made a decision, agreeing that He Ling’s going abroad for treatment was also beneficial to his illness …
After reading all the text messages, Lan Jingyi looked up at night, and she could still see him, but now he was already a vast ocean.
He is so far away from her that she can no longer personally guard his bedside, hold his hand and talk to him and say,’ Please wake up’.
be away
The sudden change made her refuse to leave the glass window of the intensive care unit, and the instant noodles in her hand had already fallen to the ground. She was so hungry that she could no longer eat.
Tilt suddenly left and left her world.
Can she give everything to go after him?
For a moment, she really wanted to apply for a passport and chase Jiang Junyue again, but soon reason stopped all her unrealistic ideas. If she left, Jiang Junliang would be the most proud.
She can’t let the man who fell into a coma get away with it.
It was also at this time that she came here for nothing to take Jiang Junyue abroad. He Ling had already made all the arrangements, otherwise the formalities for going abroad would not be completed in one day.
Maybe she did all this quietly when Jiang Junyue was still in the detention center.
Does that mean that He Ling doesn’t want her to have contact with Jiang Junyue at all?
Just took Jiang Junyue away from her?
Nai shook her head. He Ling is always Jiang Junyue’s mother. She can’t stop a mother from doing everything.
"Miss Lan, you see that Mr. Jiang has left. You look very pale now. Do you want to go to the nurse?" The little nurse kindly came to persuade her.
Lan Jingyi shook his head. "Thank you. No need. I’ll leave in a moment." I want to stay here and feel a sense of inclination. I want to be closer to him.
She really misses him.
Less than a day after separation, she felt as if he had been separated for a century.
She misses him.
"Jingyi …" Shoulders suddenly sank, and Li Xuefeng’s voice came like a day.
"Xuefeng, why are you here?" She turned her face and buried Li Xuefeng’s shoulder. Lan Jingyi finally couldn’t help crying. She was not afraid of the hurdles before her, but she was afraid of Jiang Junyue’s separation.
"I know all about Jingyi. Let me help you. Tell me if I can help you. By the way, if you are short of money and spend money on a small supermarket, you can move everything. That small supermarket has already marked your name. I just take care of it for you."
"My … my name?" How surprised should I be to believe that Jiang Junyue gave her another surprise?
It turned out that he also quietly bought a small supermarket for her.
Dump him. How much did she do?
Dear friends, Happy New Year! Thank you for supporting the New Year all the way!
Chapter 242 Keep a small white face
From the hospital back to the small apartment Lan Jingyi stopped in front of Yin Qingrou’s small apartment instead of rushing in.
The doors of two small apartments are separated by a wall, and they must be deeply in love with Yin Qingrou.
Only with these two small apartments.
Somehow Jiang Junyue disappeared, and she always felt that Yin Qing was soft.
Or is it her illusion? Jiang Han said that He Ling did it.
But when she closed her eyes, her mind flashed between Yin Qing’s softness and Jiang Junyue’s strong alcohol smell, and her shoulders suddenly sank. "What about Lan Jing Yi Qing’s softness? She’s not inside? "
品茶论坛"Li … Li Zong?" Lan Jingyi turned her head and didn’t expect Li to find Yin Qingrou here. "What do you want with her?"
"Ha ha, of course, men have something to do when looking for women, right?" Xu had drunk too much wine, and Li was grinning at Lan Jingyi’s eyes, which made her feel uncomfortable as if she had no clothes on.