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As soon as Zhang Xian left my hands, she slapped me in the face. Of course, she was unlikely to hit me. How can I put it? I have been exercising every day for seven years. I reached out and grabbed her arm and held my palm immediately. I took a hug filled with Zhang Xian’s long black hair, which almost covered my whole person. I was fascinated by the smell of the fresh woman, but I suddenly pulled Zhang Xian into my arms. I didn’t see any struggle. My face was pressed against my chest, and everything was frozen. I was completely intoxicated with that special feeling at this moment.

One second, ten seconds, half a minute, one minute, ten minutes later, Zhang Xian slowly got up and turned to pick up her mobile phone. She didn’t talk to me, but she gave me a face before she left, which made me stunned for n minutes. I kept remembering her face when she left. Did she also …
I shook my head and thought that it seemed impossible. Even though she and I both had feelings, from our standpoint, the roots were opposites. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like playing with fire, and the more I expected that there would be sparks.
After I came to my senses, I continued to write my second software, which is a password login program and also the company’s. Please make money. Of course, I won’t miss such a good opportunity. After three days of doing it for one hour every day, I completed the remaining splicing and testing of the parts that need to be completed, and today is the final stage.
Concentrate on sending the software to that company as soon as it is completed
☆        ☆        ☆
Huaguang network software company is a company engaged in the compilation and promotion of network software. This company is a negligible small company in the world, but they quickly became famous because of one software and one password protection software in just one week. Especially after they released the password protection software, many famous hackers honker began to play and try to break the software, but no one broke the password system of the software for more than a week. This surprised the world computer companies and hackers, so more people began to crack the software, which made the company name’ Huaguang’ rise almost exponentially, but it should be.
The sole proprietor of Wei Hai’ Huaguang’ network software company, the whole company can be said to be him, but now his eyebrows are wrinkled as dozens of layers as thick as a pig’s neck in a pigsty! Although his company is famous now, more and more people are asking who designed such a powerful software or which computer engineer in the company. But if we tell them that the software is an internet enthusiast and sell it to them at a low price of 50 thousand, his company will definitely wait for bankruptcy. Whether it is social pressure or peer exclusion makes him have a terrible headache.
At this moment, the manager of the company’s programming department almost rushed over with a laptop in his hand and said to Wei Hai out of breath, "The boss sent another software."
"What? Really? Did he say yes? Great! Show me quickly. "
Wei Haishen is a computer doctoral tutor, so he knows very well that this so-called network enthusiast is definitely not as high-level as a doctoral tutor. He is almost rushing to get the manager’s hand computer and immediately start analyzing the login software core. However, even a person with such a high level doesn’t know what language this network enthusiast is writing, because he found that this software is not composed of basic elements and 1, but is programmed by China Chinese characters before the world unification 25 years ago, although he is also a descendant of former China. I am proud that I am a descendant of China, but I never thought that anyone could program with Chinese characters. This was beyond his expectation. The thought that this horse opened the password protection software design code and found that it was also programmed with Chinese characters. Looking at the sequence and meaning of Chinese characters in it, Wei Hai could say, "Genius! What a genius! "
However, I was amazed that Wei Hai immediately sent me an EMAIL saying that his company would become my full-time software publishing company and urged me to join their company.
☆        ☆        ☆
I received this letter to see that I was hired as a full-time engineer in their company with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, and the contract was agreed for one year. And I just sent the software to buy it from me at a price of 50,000 yuan, which surprised me. I don’t know what the president of the company thinks, but I agree if I think about it with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. Although I don’t know what can be done outside with 10,000 yuan, I also know that the average monthly salary of ordinary people is about 30,000 yuan.
Without saying anything, Ma replied to an EMAIL and immediately spat and agreed to his request. Then he sent an online contract. I considered signing the name’ Elegant’ and sent my World Bank registered account.
Don’t doubt anything, but don’t be true, because the World Bank wants your account number, so it is impossible to evade taxes and violate the contract.
When I was excited, Wei Hai in the distance was almost a big table in the conference room, dancing with his hands in disorder and volatilizing bright black shoes "Didi Didi Didi", regardless of his image as a general manager and boss. Of course, the bosses always look like this, and the managers shouted long live because they saw that money was the name, which was the opportunity for their company to prosper.
The fifth chapter game upgrade
The fifth chapter game upgrade
After signing the contract, I promised to help their company make one less software every month. Of course, the specific requirements of the software are decided by their company. I readily agreed. Anyway, it takes only four or five hours to make a software, which is 10 thousand. This is too simple.
When I woke up, Zhang Xian was surprised that I sat on the bed before I woke up and opened my eyes to see her sweet smile.
"Fine son, why are you so early …"
"No? You care about me, I like it! " Say that finish and fled away.
I’m at a loss. I finished washing and had breakfast, but it seems to taste better today. I wonder if I’m in a good mood. I just came in to pack my things after breakfast, but I left without saying anything but giving me a smile.
☆        ☆        ☆
Immediately after the line, I received the information of dark fire and disease. When I opened it, I was told to read the announcement on the homepage of Wonderland Company immediately, and I was quite anxious to read it. My microcomputer opened the homepage cover of Wonderland homepage with a big announcement that "the game test period has passed and the game will be upgraded!" The date turned out to be today, and it was upgraded for 24 hours from 8: 00 to the next day, and players who did not buy silver game helmets were required to go to various game companies immediately to change their helmets to meet the new game requirements.
Look at my helmet. It’s really silver. It doesn’t need to be replaced.
I called Chris at once, and soon I met her and told her about the upgrade. I kissed her on the cheek, and she was so reluctant to leave the center line.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
I also took advantage of my leisure time to complete the new software requested by Huaguang Company in one afternoon. This time it was a net, and in the afternoon Wonderland Company released the update and looked at the tens of thousands of words update announcement. I slowly began to read the announcement with a wry smile.
First, the fairyland game will implement 99% virtual entity feeling, that is, what you feel in reality is almost what you feel in the game.
Second, the fairyland game will have a high card drop rate, and more new monsters will be added to the game.
Third, the fairyland game will be carried out in real time, which means that the three-day game time will be equal to one-day real time.
Fourth, the technical performance in the fairyland game will no longer depend on the mobile defense, but will depend on the environment and player’s physical attributes, as well as the opponent’s evasion rate and skill characteristics to determine the hit rate.
Five, the fairyland game will open two cities: Neverland-Kemo Island and Snow City-Snow County.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Six, fairyland game will open two functions: skill upgrading and skill merging, which need to be studied by players themselves.
Seven, the fairyland game will determine the player’s hidden attribute’ talent’ according to the player’s mental state! This is an attribute that cannot be viewed and modified, but it has absolute influence on players. For example, the higher the talent attribute, the easier it is to upgrade skills, while the talent is low. It is very likely that it will be impossible for a generation to upgrade skills.
In the fairyland game, the NPC police will be organized to be LV2-level guards. The number of guards is not limited. The penalty is divided into three levels, namely, malicious PK for three months in the test period and unified punishment for female players and obscene players. In the RO coins, the penalty is downgraded and the characters are deleted.
品茶论坛Nine, Wonderland Game will release the reality of changing the RO coins and the World Bank’s money. The maximum one-time limit for changing RO coins in Wonderland is 10,000. In the game, the real money must be exchanged for 10,000 RO coins, and the ratio of RO coins to real money is 11, that is, 1RO coin = 1 real money.
Ten, wonderland game will greatly strengthen the magic ability and the emergence of magic alliance, such as the game of orcs, dogs and demons, Polly, ghosts, demons and so on, and each family has a unique place to live.
I really don’t know how I feel about the game after reading it. Isn’t this a change that almost completely changes the whole game?
Virtual degree 99%? Isn’t that if I am killed, it will be very truly reflected in my body and mind, which will probably make many players really die themselves? Isn’t that really killing people?
Proportional exchange between real time and game time? Is this possible? But on second thought, entering the game is a spiritual connection, that is, letting the human nerves go at three times the speed, which can solve this problem.
What I attach most importance to is the upgrade of three skills, which will be another breakthrough. Think about what will happen if the wizard’s highest level [blizzard] is upgraded by players? The attribute of talent is more b, which completely modifies things according to the original state of people in reality. This really associates reality with games. If someone hasn’t upgraded his skills for a long time, doesn’t that mean that he is stupid and capable? That will greatly hurt the player’s confidence? Then what the hell is this game company doing? Look at the money again. Is it really good to change this setting? If you want money in the game, you can almost say that you have advanced equipment at first, so is the game still interesting? Isn’t money too strong?
However, since the game company has made such a decision, I can’t take care of anyone, but I’m still very interested in the new system. Ever since I found out that the console of the fairyland game is called Teana, I know that I can’t be separated from this game any more. Although I don’t know exactly what happened, I know that I’m not an ordinary person, otherwise it’s impossible for me to be proficient without touching the computer, let alone be closely monitored by the’ dream’ enterprise. Look at the whole house, except my room, where cameras are installed, and people patrol the room 24 hours a day (
Of course, try to sleep as usual! But it doesn’t seem practical to go to bed early now, so I haven’t done any physical exercise for more than a week. It’s also strange to say that since I entered the game, not only have my mind been flexible, but my body has also begun to feel a little relieved, but I always want to get out of it and feel uncomfortable. I’m sure I must have changed strangely to break through that layer of things that don’t know what’s blocking me.
Chapter VI New Game World (1)
Chapter VI New Game World (1)
In the meeting room of Dream Enterprise, Lan Fengyun called for a monthly report meeting, but it was not about the turnover of the enterprise or how much the stock rose, or what problems the flag company needed to solve. It seems that there is no need to hold such a meeting at all, just hand it over to the decision-making department for solution. The meeting was just Luo Man’s list of biochemical people, which was developed by the top scientific research achievements of Dream Company for decades, and they were transplanted for 25 years. This is a problem of world security and development, if the research results are successful.
Lan Fengyun turned his back on everyone and asked, "Do you report the situation of Luoman this month?"
Zhang Xian got up first and said, "Luoman No.1 is in good condition, but he is addicted to the game every day. However, his personality has changed greatly. In the past, his reticence has turned into an amazing speech. In addition, he has not found any abnormal situation through brainwave monitoring for two consecutive weeks, so he is not sure what his ability is for the time being."
"’Loman II’ has been used to recruit training. At present, his performance is excellent, especially his physical fitness is amazing. It is very likely that his ability is’ strength’!"
"The monthly turnover of’ Loman III’ management company increased by 5%, which greatly exceeded our expectations, and his management method was very innovative and efficient. It was preliminarily judged that his ability was’ wisdom’!"
"’Luoman IV’ has successfully painted her first famous painting’ blood and tears’ and the exhibition has received great response. Many art colleges want to recruit this ten-year-old talented painting girl to create!"
"’Luoman V’ entered the’ Ball Information College’ and achieved excellent results. Without classes, you can get into the top three potential poor schools and’ deepen’ the initial identification ability!"
Lan Fengyun turned his head and swept a round, and all the people said meaningfully, "’Teana’ has been inferred that the time is coming, and we must speed up, otherwise …"
☆        ☆        ☆
It’s particularly strange tonight, because Zhang Xian didn’t come. I’m almost used to seeing Zhang Xian every night these weeks. I didn’t expect to feel lost when I didn’t come one day. What is this? It’s not too white, but I don’t really like to delve into it.
Today, I made another software’ Kekebi. com Promotion Software’ this afternoon, and I finished it together next month. Anyway, when it expires, I will throw it at 10,000, and it’s really cool. I thought about how to change some money into the game for that 10,000. After all, if I want to build a guild in the game, I need a lot of money. But on second thought, is the game still interesting? I may not be able to play games anymore, but I finally decided not to change my money and make money on my own. I also believe that I have this ability. After all, now I and my body and equipment are obtained by our extremely’ normal’ means, but you are willing and I still have five angels. If I don’t tell others, I believe this pet can be sold at a high price.
Thinking about it, I fell asleep, and when I woke up the next day, Zhang Xian didn’t come, and I began to worry about her, but it didn’t seem necessary to think about it. People have hands and feet, or doctoral students are still studying that conscious life, which is so easy to have things.
It’s all my fault for getting up too early and waiting for a long time, but it’s still only 7 o’clock. I turned on the microcomputer and looked at the Wonderland Forum. Almost the whole forum was swearing. It was aimed at 99% of virtual entities, feeling and exchanging money for talent. Most players were even more suspicious of this skill. I couldn’t help sighing that there were so many days when I saw it!
After a closer look at the opinions of forum players, most of them doubt whether fairyland games can achieve such a level. After all, there are two other games ahead of him, and fairyland is ranked third. If it can be upgraded to such a high virtual reality as fairyland company said, I believe that the first and second gamers will surge into the ranks of fairyland players, and those two game companies are waiting to close down.
And some professional or experienced players have given many professional evaluations to those upgrades. A player named’ Tongtian Information Agency’ made an analysis of the motivation of Wonderland Company to launch such a set game. He suspected that it was most likely that this was a talent selection test machine for an enterprise or several enterprises. Otherwise, how could it need talent? Just play the game and relax. If a person is still frustrated in the game in reality, then why play the game?
There is also a player named’ Drop Pants’, who specializes in the LV2 NPC guards. Since there can be LV2 characters in the game, what player is the highest in LV99? Doesn’t that setting mean that gamers must be strangled by the NPC in the system?
There is even a player who said that 99% of the virtual entities feel that the game will probably become an alternative * * field. Anyway, entering the game and being whored will not affect the real life situation, and there will be no adverse consequences in the real world. What a cool thing it will be, and both men and women are not responsible for getting a room or breaking up. This post is almost supported by the most people. There are almost 10,000 people who actually have female players. This can’t help but make me stunned. Now men and women are really open.
When I watched it, the clock passed quickly. I immediately put away my microcomputer and put on my helmet to enter the game. But this time, I didn’t directly enter the game, but I came to a place that was very antique, very much like the ancient China Palace, where the green tiles, red walls, gold-rimmed window bars and red carpets decorated the whole hall with a sense of sacredness, as if I had this ancient feeling in my heart.