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Spain made a substitution at half-time, probably because it felt that the three-goal lead was not enough.

Of course, the fact is also true.
Spain also slowed down its offensive at half-time, and the defender saved his energy to prepare for the semi-final.
Even so, in the 71st minute, Spain once again scored the fourth goal by Silva, 4 ahead of China.
The Spaniard controlled the ball and defended China. It’s not easy to talk about attacking even if he grabbed the ball.
It was not until the 7 th minute that Lu Wenbin personally broke through with the ball, causing Iniesta to foul, and then a direct goal was scored to save face.
In the end, China lost 14 points to the World Cup and European Cup champions, and the Spanish team completely explained that football is an 11-player game.
It’s better than scoring 16 goals a year and winning the Golden Globe Award for three consecutive times. Lu Wenbin also led the China team in the world championship confrontation.
After the game, the western media hyped the game like Chinese New Year.
Spanish 41 victory over China Lu Wenbin’s ability.
Lu Wenbin can’t support football alone, but it still depends on 11 people.
China can’t make it to the World Series by Lu Wenbin alone.
Perhaps the western European and American media have long been dissatisfied with Lu Wenbin’s sudden emergence.
For ideological reasons, China’s achievements are unpleasant and problematic in the eyes of foreigners
However, Lu Wenbin’s dazzling achievements have made them unable to find a chance to talk sarcastically.
Now I finally found it
It still takes 11 people to play football.
China has produced a Lu Wenbin who may win some honors at the club level, but at the national team level, Lu Wenbin can’t lead China to win the Confederations Cup or the World Cup championship alone.
It seems that everyone has finally found Lu Wenbin’s shortcomings, and it seems that they can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Lu Wenbin is not an alien or a robot.
For the China team, the morale was boosted by Lu Wenbin after the initial depression.
After all, the aura of Lu Wenbin’s top leaders is not a decoration.
Lu Wenbin said that this was a rare opportunity. China was the world champion with a real knife and a real gun, and played an experiment to test the gap between the world champions of China.
Although China beat France in the warm-up match in 21 years, it was a broken French team and the quality of the warm-up match could not reach the real effect.
This time, Spain, which has won three world championships in a row, sent a main team, China, to do it with real swords and spears.
Although the 14 th defeat was disastrous, the China team was not defeated, and Lu Wenbin also pulled back a goal.
Generally speaking, China team has accumulated the experience of playing against the top teams in the world.
The world champion can also play China 41, so his team, China, may not be unable to fight.
For example, Uruguay, the last group match.
After the second round, Group B won two consecutive victories. Spain scored six points before qualifying. Uruguay scored three points, ranking second. Nigeria scored one point and lost more. China scored one point at the bottom.
In the last game, if Spain loses to Nigerian China and beats Uruguay, China will still qualify.
Judging from the results of the direct match, China drew with Uruguay and won Nigeria, so Uruguay should be stronger than China.
桑拿论坛However, Uruguay beat Nigeria 21 times, and there is not much difference between the two teams.
Besides, China’s Nigerian draw was won by Lu Wenbin after changing from the front waist to the back waist at half time.
What would happen if Lu Wenbin played the lower back early and his teammates were more tacit?
Maybe China has already won the first game.