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Wen Ya back stretched straight some incredible turn.

It is indeed Mo Sina, but how did he come to this place?
Wen Ya hesitated to look at the ink Sina but saw that the ink Sina face expression was equally suspicious, and that Miss Ning, who had just fallen to the ground, limped to the ink Sina at this time. Her face was smiling, but the bitterness and injustice in her smile could be seen clearly by everyone.
Ink Sina frowned. What the hell does that mean?
Tingting and Lulu saw that Mo Sina was about to dance with her mouth wide open. Mo Sina was even more handsome than it looked in the smell!
But ink Sina is Ningqiao and they don’t even want to share.
Lulu can’t miss the opportunity this time and immediately feel wronged for Ningqiao. "This woman doesn’t know what it seems to be to apply for Ningqiao and kindly help her to show a result. This woman took a pair of little shoes for Ningqiao, but later she didn’t admit that she was wrong. She just pushed Ningqiao. How can there be such a vicious woman?"
Lulu is very affectionate, and she just needs to show her own actions. Mo Sina frowned and stared at Lulu. She immediately shut up because Lulu saw that Mo Sina didn’t like to hear this.
"Wen Ya, what the hell is this?" Ink Sina don’t believe others nonsense want to listen to Wen Ya explanation.
Ning Qiao stopped Wen Ya’s surprise in his expression before opening his mouth. "Do you know this … Sina?" Ningqiao also bowed his head before ink Sina answered, "No wonder her attitude towards me is so …" She didn’t say anything, but everyone can guess what it means.
Wen Ya also see clearly that Miss Ning doesn’t want to say that she likes Ink Sina and Miss Ning is a woman named Ink Sina. Wen Ya is jealous and doesn’t make an overstepping move.
This man is really good at beating a rake.
The body of the Chapter one hundred and seventeen This woman is really calculating.
But is this Miss Ning a woman around Mo Sina?
Wen Ya thought of here and felt a little lost in his heart, but he felt relieved. It’s not an exaggeration. There must be no shortage of women around Mo Sina for seven years. This woman is beautiful and bumpy. Just now, I saw Mo Sina’s very natural intimacy at first sight and called Sina.
Wen Ya’s bitterness is so obvious. What does she want to scrutinize?
"Ink total" Wen Ya return to absolute being correct posture unhurriedly looked at ink Sina.
Mo Sina didn’t answer Ning Qiao’s question, but she was quite dissatisfied and looked at Wen Ya. "What are you looking for? Did you quit?"
Wen Ya remembered that today’s company was insulted and looked trance-like, and immediately turned back and smiled Jiaochen. "I want to change my job and change my mood. My mind is erratic and has no special meaning."
Ink Sina frown "a change of mood?" This means to avoid him
Good. This woman always surprises him when she is drunk and sober!
Wen Ya didn’t answer the question of ink Sina. He took a look at Ningqiao and spoke again. "I didn’t push this lady just now. Believe it or not, I won’t be responsible for it."
桑拿会所It’s not her fault. What’s her responsibility?
Tingting instead of opening NingQiao inconvenience at this time "what makes you not responsible for? Do you know who Ning Qiao is? If Ning Qiao falls, you can’t afford it. "
Ink Sina has always been quiet. Listen, he has no expression or frowned.
Wen Ya, who is still interested in their ability to turn right from wrong, turned to the clerk. "There should be monitoring here, right?" Wen Ya said that he had a good rest and glanced at Ningqiao. Seeing that Miss Ning suddenly turned pale, Wen Yaxiao became more and more from "That trouble you to adjust the monitoring, is it clear at a glance?"
"You two are really" Ning Qiao’s voice is just right. "I fell down and didn’t say anything. Why do you insist that this lady pushed me?"
Hehe, Wen Ya smiled and looked at this Miss Ning. She was clever and very good at benefiting people around her. Just now, they misunderstood. This Miss Ning didn’t say that she was looking at her "enthusiastic" friends. Here, she naturally attacked Wen Ya. She poured a lady and watched the fun.
Wen Ya saw that she was now defending herself, but she smiled and said little.
These two footmen are quite discerning. At this time, I heard Wen Ya say so, and my eyes were a little more delicate and touching. I looked at Wen Ya. "I’m sorry. We were just worried about Ningqiao … regardless of the direct, I sent a phone call to you."
Wen Ya smiled, "I am very accommodating. Now that you have apologized to me, it seems that there is something wrong with my mentality if I pursue it again. No, I’m not angry. I’m asking you to recognize the people around you before you do something at a time."
What does this mean? Lulu and Tingting looked at each other.
Wen Ya smiled and didn’t explain these two people. This Miss Ning is probably around to take advantage of some things. Everyone is too embarrassed to blame anyone.
Wen Ya glanced at ink SiNa "ink always have no matter I walked first" she is not so brave to endure ink SiNa intimacy with other women.
"You haven’t answered my question" Ink Sina grabbed Wen Ya’s arm and wouldn’t let her leave easily.
Wen Ya breath looked up when it is a clever smile to start "ink always I should have answered very clearly just now? All this is a misunderstanding, isn’t it, Miss Ning? "