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Lu Wenbin rushed to the sidelines and threw himself into the first row of fans. The excited fans rubbed their hair and almost tore off their jerseys.

Bonfradiana players watched and celebrated Lu Wenbin, but there was no anger or revenge.
品茶论坛The strength difference is so great that they feel like the coach that they can’t even defend.
Now they are playing a routine game, and it will be ok if they finish the game for 9 minutes.
They don’t want to think about how many goals Real Madrid will score or how many goals Lu Wenbin will score.
After celebrating for more than half a minute, Lu Wenbin and Real Madrid teammates returned to their own half-time game to start again.
After the kick-off in the middle circle, Bonvladian also handed a few feet forward to try to finish the shot and see if the dog shit could get into a goal.
However, before the ball hit the forbidden area, Alonso successfully stole the ball outside the forbidden area.
Then Alonso’s opponent gave the ball to winger Ozil before the counter-grab.
Ozil played as a substitute for Real Madrid, but that was because Lu Wenbin and Luo were even more abnormal and squeezed his position.
Ozil’s physical strength is not weak, but he is the main force of the German national team. His front waist protection and ball assists are world-class.
This time, after the midfielder got Alonso’s ball, Ozil took a step forward and looked up. After adjusting the pace, he directly started to find Lu Wenbin, the center in the forbidden area
Although there are still people defending Lu Wenbin in the backcourt, after all, it was Bonfradian who attacked Real Madrid with the kick-off, and Alonso broke the ball and suddenly counterattacked.
When Ozil received Alonso’s ball when there was no wave, he directly hung it obliquely into the forbidden area, so that Lu Wenbin was accompanied by two Bonfradian players to keep an eye on him.
Even though the two defenders are pulling and pulling, Lu Wenbin is too thief to run and too strong.
He first missed the ball and took two defenders away from it, and then he just turned around and rushed over to meet the falling ball, jumping up and throwing his head at the door.
The two defenders straightened Lu Wenbin’s jerseys, but they still failed to stop Lu Wenbin from taking off and heading the goal.
However, after all, the header attack was disturbed. Lu Wenbin didn’t head out the ball quickly. Although he ran to the left post, his strength was not great and his speed was not fast. It was not difficult to save.
However, the goalkeeper of the Spanish-Chinese team is too slow to react, which is far from the top goalkeeper like casillas
If it’s casillas, Lu Wenbin really won’t get the ball, and it may be directly held by Kathy.
However, the Bonfradina goalkeeper started a step behind.
Therefore, although Lu Wenbin didn’t push the ball hard and fast, the goalkeeper didn’t catch it in the end.
Although he touched the ball, he didn’t push it out because of the slow start and jet lag.
The ball bounced with his finger to the left post and bounced into the net nest.
At this time, it was less than 2 minutes since Lu Wenbin scored a goal, including celebration, opponent attack and Real Madrid counterattack.
Did Lu Wenbin score his seventh goal in his game again in 2 minutes? Did he help Real Madrid lead the opponent 11 times and raise his total annual goals to 141 goals?
This is a milestone goal.
This is the first time that Lu Wenbin scored 7 goals in a single game in his career.
Therefore, seeing Lu Wenbin heading the ball into Bonfradian and winning the goal, the Bernabeu stands boiled again, and several fans shouted dumb. Lu Wenbin cheered and screamed.
Still excited about Lu Wenbin’s goal, the commentators were all stunned and then jumped up from the commentary seat like a madman and roared with excitement
"Oh, my God, another goal. Lou scored two goals in two minutes."
"The seventh goal This is the seventh goal in Lu’s game. Lu completed the miracle of seven goals in a single game. Lu completed the first miracle of seven goals in a single game in his career."
"God, scoring seven goals in a game is definitely a game to remember in history."
"I don’t hesitate to announce to you that seven goals in a single game must be the top ten players with the most goals in a single game in football history. Just a moment, let’s check the information."
"Lu’s total number of goals in the year has reached 141, which is simply daunting. Maybe no one can surpass Lu’s record except Lu himself in decades and hundreds of years."
Chapter 545 Individual goal record in a single game Mid-Autumn Festival