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"Muer, are you here?" Isn’t it a dark fire when Muer listens and looks back? I was happy in my heart, but my face made the opposite expression. I hated the dark fire and said, "Why are you here? What about elegant? How can he not come to pick up Sister Tianwu? "

The dark fire looked gloomy. "He is desperately trying his best in the life test, and I don’t know if he can succeed, but I heard from the Snow Queen that it seems that it is not going well now, and the cards in the life test are extremely difficult."
Tianwu nervously asked, "Where is he?"
The dark fire pointed to the long passage. "You will see me when you go along the passage. This is to guide the players to help you through the past or not. Who knows what will happen inside."
"Dad, you wait here and I’ll be right back." Tianwu said and flew to the passage without looking back. Looking at Tianwu’s figure, the corners of her mouth inadvertently gave me a smile, as if she had some idea.
Mu Er pulled up a dark fire and asked, "Where is it in your meeting? Why can’t I see one? "
Dark fire MuEr ear whispered, "To tell you the truth, all our congregations have retired."
"What? Retire? "
Dark fire quickly hand covered MuEr mouth "how can you be so big? Scared to death, don’t tell, or serious problems will happen. "
"Then why did they quit?"
"Of course, there is a reason for this. You see, so many players are so easy to move in our planned direction. Of course, our congregation incited us."
Muer said "Oh" and then turned to ask, "Then why don’t you quit?"
"I I can’t. Who doesn’t know that dark fire is an elegant guild? Besides, I cut a dash in the bell tower, and now it’s dark here. Maybe others can’t see me as soon as I get to the passage, and someone will definitely ask me for an artifact, which is now in the trial of life. Where can I find an artifact? "
When Muer and Dark Fire were whispering, Xixi and Ye were also talking about dancing.
"Ye, do you think Sister Tianwu will really stay in this world?"
"I believe that I don’t know for sure!"
"Go away and say so many things for nothing. To be honest, I don’t really want to dance in heaven and stay there. After that, we may not have a chance to meet again. How sad!"
Ye sighed, "Me too."
Chapter 13 The Snow Storm ()
Chapter 13 The Snow Storm ()
It rained for the first time in fairyland, which has never happened before, and the atmosphere of the battlefield slowed down slightly. Some guys with too strong fighting capacity found that there were fewer and fewer people around them, and many people gathered in the city. Because of the decrease in the number of people and the stalemate of BOSS, the current situation was not good for the players.
Lan Fengyun and Locke went into the underground cave early. As soon as they found out that the crowd was wrong, Lan Fengyun said to Locke around him, "President Locke, why don’t we get along?"
Locke always kept smiling. "Close? What should be combined? "
Lan Fengyun didn’t say anything to Locke. He continued sarcastically, "You can see that we can’t do anything with this 10,000-strong root, but together we can definitely hit it at the key moment."
Locke just thought for a while. "Well, the temporary alliance was also established because of the meaning of the face. I believe you are also hiding from the five big bosses behind you, right? Do you want to find an iron man? Most people in Fengyun Alliance are iron-handed, and it is very convenient to achieve our goal by borrowing his strength. "
桑拿按摩  title=Lan Fengyun smiled and walked all the way to the channel with Lok Bing in one.
There is a woman behind them, a very beautiful woman like a demon. Her smile is more mysterious than Blue Cloud Locke’s "mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds, two fools"
Tianwu ran for more than ten minutes, but there was still no end in sight. What was going on in my mind? Nothing. What’s with the long tunnel? Moreover, it is a very strange phenomenon that people are getting less and less as Tianwu runs. When Tianwu comes in, many people have already come in front and there is a direct passage. There is no fork at all. Why are there fewer and fewer people?
After discovering that something was wrong, Tianwu stopped and carefully observed the surrounding cave walls. These cave walls, like ordinary stones, could not find anything strange, but Tianwu insisted on slowly observing and touching every inch of the cave walls along the cave walls.
Suddenly, the heavenly dance hit a concave stone, and my heart suddenly became white. What channels would be less and less? It turned out that many people must have gone to the second place through different machines, and the elegant life test is believed to start here.
As Tianwu thought, the trial of our brothers’ lives started from the passage, and the original huge underground cave, the ice queen, started the trial of life together, and the entrance was the passage at the bottom of the cave.
However, at first, this road was difficult to be seen through by the soldiers and the disease method very quickly. They knew that the cave wall was organic without thinking. We came to the second place by plane. Here is a square ground with more than a dozen uneven columns, and each column is arranged just to block the opposite side. Several of us can see the columns but can’t see anything across the room.
I immediately smiled at the back and said, "Have you thought of anything special here?"
Lin Bing smiled and didn’t talk. Wu Bing also smiled and didn’t talk. He looked at the last sunny rain. "Sister Rain, do you want it?"
Rain or shine a look at all looked at his face a red "what do you guys ask me? I don’t know. "
Everyone laughed and said, "This should be a maze. According to the Snow Queen and Jade Emperor, there is a maze in the process of their life trials, and usually this ring is to be passed in the early stage. This need is the quantity. When they and The Hunger passed, did they waste too much time? If we want to pass this, it is better to wait for the players behind us."
I echoed, "Hehe, what shall we do during this period? Why don’t we have a competition? I don’t know the strength of several of us for so long. "
Wu Bing responded with "Good!" For a soldier, it’s the funniest thing for a soldier.
Let’s not talk about it for a while, and wait for the players behind to say that it’s too difficult to really love you. He and Tianwu walked for a long time before they found that they had entered a very strange room organically. Among the dozens of players who came in with him, there was his sworn enemy, a martial arts master girl, who they had seen for many times. Like it’s too difficult to really love you, she also liked to take risks alone, and many times both of them had to fight for a BOSS, and the result was even a tie.
"What are you doing here?"
"You big head ghost, what are you doing here again? Why do I see you every time? You don’t hinder me again this time. "
"Do it yourself!"
Two people hate each other and walk in the cracks between two stone pillars in different directions. Tingting just turned the stone pillar and was immediately disturbed by a gust of wind. Then she stepped out and was hit by a huge wind and the ceiling fell. Tingting’s eyes were so sore that she found herself back in the original place. She turned around and smiled because she saw that it was too difficult to really love you. She was leaning against the wall with one hand and didn’t ask, but she knew that it was blown out by that strange wind.
"What’s the matter? Is anyone speechless with pain? " Tingting certainly won’t forget to satirize each other at this moment.
It’s really painful to really love you. He just hit the ceiling more seriously than Tingting, then hit the stone pillar tip, especially after the pain setting was added to the fairyland. Although he heard Tingting’s irony, he was so sore that he couldn’t speak. He glared at Tingting and pretended not to hear it, then took out the medicine bottle and drank it desperately.
The soldiers hid aside and said, "It seems that it is impossible for one or two people to escape through this wind maze."
"I thought so, too. It’s a good thing I didn’t go in. You see,’ It’s too hard to really love you’ hurts like that if we go …"
After waiting for more than ten minutes, players kept entering this mysterious room. Of course, some people tried to enter the seam of the stone pillar, but with one exception, they were blown out and fell dizzy. Finally, everyone knew that there was a human root behind this stone pillar and it was impossible to pass.
Chapter 14 Life Test Wind Maze
I look at this maze of wind, but I wonder how the three of them got through the moon mark. After all, there were three of them at that time, and they once said that many special abilities would be closed or invalid when they entered the life test card. I don’t want to think about it, because now I already know how we got through it.
The number of people is increasing, and some teams can resist it for a while after joining the same guild. Finally, the whole team is blown out, so everyone realizes that it is necessary to unite through this. More and more people are divided into small groups to form two groups, one is the snake swimming alliance center, and the other is led by Tianwu, who knows what we are doing. Will she come in again? But also brought all the people in his guild.
There are so many people gathering next to Tianwu, which is a very simple reason. Tianwu has no record of failure after taking part in the challenge, and the challenge is played through the video fairyland. There are no people in the fairyland who don’t know Tianwu.
The fallen world first launched an attack, and thousands of knights held hands and steadily entered the crevices of the stone pillars step by step. Before they stepped, the first few people were blown off half, while others were being pulled to the back, and the people behind them moved on. This time, because there were too many people, even if the wind blew, it was impossible to blow everyone away. Therefore, the fallen world group members passed the wind maze and danced in batches, and it was not backward to copy the fallen world method.
And of course, a few of us are not behind me [alienation]. Everyone has changed, mixed into the team and passed the wind maze.
Show us a huge underground lake. Visually, the whole lake is like a rectangular lake, which is just in the middle of the right path, while the two sides of the lake are steep and vertical. It is impossible to cross the lake from both sides, and it is even more impossible to think about this lake because players have tried to cross it before, but they are attacked by water monsters in the lake or pulled into the water or directly attacked to death. Fallen people are thinking hard about solutions at the lake.
The fairy first suggested that "the president is not as good as our angel Polly."
The winner retorted, "This method won’t work. First of all, we don’t have so many angels, Polly. Besides, even in the past, we didn’t know what was on the other side of the lake. If so few people passed by and died, wouldn’t it be a waste of manpower?"
Renxian continued to insist on his own point of view and said, "This congregation has tried to die, but it won’t take long to resurrect from the city just now and jump in, but it seems that there is a little more experience in death loss. Besides, we can send a group of people there and let a few people take them back. Isn’t it ok for Angel Polly to send another group?"
The fallen world agreed, "Well, good idea. Let’s try it like this first."
After saying that, the fallen world and others began to prepare for the dance. Looking at them, they were not prepared to participate or obstruct it. Just let them experiment, but they wanted to be elegant. Where is the dead guy? Is it already over?
Qingyu asked Wu Bing, "Brother Wu Bing, do you think they can get through this method?"
Wu Bing looked at the lake and the ceiling and hesitated and said, "Well, normally it should not be that simple, but I don’t see anything wrong."
When the five of us discussed it, there was a noisy noise over there. "What? Angel Polly can’t fly? How did this happen? "
The angel of God said very naively, "The president really doesn’t have all angels. Polly can’t even feather."
"Boy, what should I do?"
Tianwu smiled and looked at them from afar. They had thought of a way in their hearts and said a few words to a congregation around them. In a short time, all the magicians and super-magic teachers in Tianwu troupe closed up.
Tianwu said to the magicians, "You wait together to freeze the lake into ice without stopping [snowstorm] [ice wall technique] [freezing technique], then we can pass."
Everyone suddenly realized that they immediately began to die. When people saw Tianwu and others moving, they immediately started to freeze the lake together.
Groups of people passed by, and the five of us passed by smoothly. I can’t help thinking in my heart that it’s a good thing I didn’t try it alone, otherwise I couldn’t think of a way to pass both of them.