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"I’ll" Jiang Junyue grabbed Xiao Qinqin as soon as he found out his arm. As a result, he waved his little hand and narrowed his eyes into a crack before putting the little thing. "Dad … Dad …" She shouted out that her little face was wrinkled into a ball. That was the rhythm before crying.

"Give it to me quickly." Lan Jingyi quickly hugged me and then lay down on the pillow with Xiao Qinqin. As a result, a milk ` head was once again taken into a small mouth by Xiao Qinqin, and she closed her eyes and went to sleep again.
"It’s not a good problem to give her up from the day." Jiang Junyue was a little angry and took over his woman for a whole day. If he bullied his woman like this every night, he really didn’t want anyone to do it, and his daughter couldn’t do it.
"I’ll move out if you dare."
"How dare you?" Lan Jingyi hugged Xiao Qinqin Jiang LaCrosse and put her arms around her from behind. The small waist and small mouth haven’t been loosened yet. Lan Jingyi suffered a loss and leaned over from behind her with two hands.
"Don’t …" So LanJingYi immediately feel like a touch.
That feeling is too magical.
But she refused Jiang Junyue as if she didn’t hear it and ignored it.
Lan Jingyi’s eyes are all wet, but her body can lean back. She almost exclaimed that the man was behind her.
"Pour don’t make children?" She gently coaxed him for fear of waking up Xiao Qinqin.
Jiang Junyue is leaned over his head and bent into a semicircle and looked at her.
Soon Jiang Junyue’s eyes fell on her lower abdomen, which was a long scar, not ugly, but definitely not beautiful. The scar made him feel distressed. "Does it still hurt?"
Lan Jingyi felt that he had penetrated a hole in his body. "It hasn’t hurt for a long time …" She didn’t seem to want to say anything.
"What is it? Tell me, "he gently coaxed her into not being with her at that time and regretted that she must have been very helpful at that time. It is said that when a woman gave birth, she most longed for her man’s side, but he didn’t.
"It’s a rainy day that itches and makes you uncomfortable. It’s usually fine." She said lightly that women sit on the moon without falling ill.
"Why are you so stupid and still running out in the cold? If you don’t look for him, he will be fine." She whispered softly in her ear. When Xiao Wu described to him that he was heartbroken when she didn’t go out to look for her in the month, he added Lome Wei to her punishment. It’s nothing compared with the punishment he gave her. It’s too far to see Luo’s face and Luo Qijiang’s small face. He can also do that. For Lan Jingyi, he will make up for it in his own way.
"I miss him so much. I always feel that he is waiting for me to pick him up in a corner of the world. At that time, I was very worried. I was afraid that he would be taken away by the bad guys and disabled by people. I was afraid that he would be sold to a bad family, and he would not be able to eat enough and wear warm clothes …" Now she is still worried
"Stop it" Jiang Junyue can’t listen to it any more. If he hasn’t found a son yet, it is estimated that he will be in such a good mood. He knows that his son is in a good mood. "Yi Yi will definitely give you a message. Don’t worry." But I don’t know if the master will give him back his son and Lan Jingyi think of this Jiang Junyue. He has a headache. He is not soft on Luo’s family, but can he still be like that with his own family?
Grandpa is both grandpa and mom and mom. What can he do to them?
"Good, I listen to you." Lan Jingyi gently replied to her arms. Xiao Qinqin finally released her mouth and spit it out. She finally let her lie down comfortably. She was really tired. This whole night, her heart was filled with surprises one after another, but although she was tired, she was not sleepy at all. On the contrary, she looked at Jiang Junyue with a little excitement. He really looked up at her and looked at him. She still felt like a dream. "Is it true that I am not dreaming?"
"No" put his arm around the woman, and her eyes made him even more sorry. Why didn’t he know everything earlier?
桑拿会所If I had known earlier, she wouldn’t have to suffer so much alone. He would have given her one surprise after another. He thought she would be happy.
I think she is a stupid woman who always thinks of others but never thinks of herself. At that time, it would be much better if she told him that it was better for two people to face them together than for her to face them alone.
And Zhuang Zhuang’s disappearance, how much harm it is. Lomevi’s punishment for Lomevi is really the lightest. If it weren’t for her surname Luo, he would never have spared her.
"Yi Yi, did you hate me especially when you gave birth?" The scar on her abdomen made him think that it was so long. Although she was anesthetized during the operation, the wound will definitely hurt when she recovers after the operation. She has to take care of Qinqin and endure the pain caused by the disappearance of Zhuang Zhuang. She must not take good care of herself.
"No" means that she wants to leave him. How can she hate him? It’s just that she feels very lonely at that time.
"What a fool!" Jiang Junyue leaned over again. This time, his kiss fell on the tip of her abdomen and worshipped the scar, as if this would relieve her pain.
LanJingYi a thrill "pour don’t … ooze ooze?" Daughter side she said what also dare not really dare not.
"Ha ha ….." He chuckled. It turned out that she was worried about the small light bulb around her, but the small light bulb was asleep. At this time, she was sleeping soundly, and her lips were still smiling. She was probably looking forward to the drama between him and her mother tonight. Jiang Junyue sat up and held a hug and picked up Lan Jingyi’s long legs and walked out.
"Let me go cold" Lan Jingyi struggled, but he already felt his body hot in his arms.
"It won’t be cold for a while," he assured her, but he still took a blanket to cover her body and turned up the heating a little before he went to the living room sofa
"Go back to Qinqin, you can’t sleep alone." Lan Jingyi was in a hurry. This man is so annoying. She doesn’t want to at all now, but he is too strong. She is no match for him, just like he sees a little red riding hood.
"Then I can’t sleep alone in the living room." He rolled her to the sofa or the small sofa was too small to lie alone, but he hugged her tightly and actually lay down a strong body and pressed Lan Jingyi …
"I really want to love you so much that this sentence can be hidden into a secret …" The familiar bell rang at this moment.
Although Jiang Junyue didn’t hear it, he couldn’t wait to smash it, but he wanted to put the woman on the spot first.
"Tilt … hurry up … hurry up. It may be my mother." Lan Jingyi thought that he had called Lan Qing before and wanted to push Jiang Junyue away. He and she are so fast. Although they are engaged, they are not married yet, are they?
"No" but I don’t want Jiang Junyue to say that he ignored her.
"No, you’re quick to get up. I want to answer the phone." Lan Jingyi suddenly pushed Jiang Junyue away. She was too worried about her mother.
The strength was so sudden that Jiang Junyue let her successfully push him away without warning. Lan Jing Yifei seemed to rush into the bedroom, but Xiao Qin slept soundly and was not awakened by the bell. She quickly picked it up and took the baggage and take the journey without looking. "Mom, is that you?" It’s so late that a mother will call her.
But I don’t want to respond that she is not Lan Qingyin but Liu Wentao’s "Jingyi saves me"
A’ save me’ made Lan Jingyi instantly shocked. "What’s wrong with Wen Tao?" It can be reflected that she is worried about Liu Wentao. Her voice is impossible for her not to worry. It is not normal at all.
"I don’t know that I feel bad about the heat … it’s very hot … Jingyi, please come and save me." On the other side, Lu Wentao was incoherent, but one thing is certain: he is very uncomfortable now. When thinking about what Lu Wentao has done for more than a year, Lan Jingyi immediately asked, "Are you at home?"
"Yes" is a single word with a little discomfort, which makes Lan Jingyi more and more worried.
"Good my horse in the past" hung up and Lan Jingyi rushed to the front of the wardrobe. There were a lot of clothes in the closet. Jiang Junyue bought them for her yesterday. She just chose a pair of pants with just the right size. When she saw the orange thin down hanging in it, she remembered that the tailor-made salesman Lan Jingyi in that fashion shop yesterday. She knew that Jiang Junyue had followed up the store yesterday and that the smelly man had tricked her.
Chapter 12 Strange reaction
"Good my horse in the past" hung up and Lan Jingyi rushed to the front of the wardrobe. There were a lot of clothes in the closet. Jiang Junyue bought them for her yesterday. She just chose a pair of pants with just the right size. When she saw the orange thin down hanging in it, she remembered that the tailor-made salesman Lan Jingyi in that fashion shop yesterday. She knew that Jiang Junyue had followed up the store yesterday and that the smelly man had tricked her.
However, she was not sad at all when she was played like this. On the contrary, there was a deep sweetness in her heart.
Just wearing that thin down, she likes to be neatly dressed. When she turns around, Jiang Junyue is lazy and leaning against the door cabinet. blazing with anger stares at her wearing a morning gown. Naturally, nothing is worn through the slightly open gap between the two sides, which shows his charm. "How to go out?" Exaggerated voice with faint unhappiness and thick insatiability sequela. He is not happy. He is suffocating.
"I want to go out." Lan Jingyi walked towards Jiang Junyue in front of the bedroom door. She was in a hurry and didn’t know what happened to Liu Wentao now.
Jiang Junyue raised her hand from behind and shook her in front of her eyes. "Going to meet her ex-husband?"
"Tilting is not what you want."
"What is that? Do you know what time it is? " Interrupted by a good thing, Jiang Junyue wants to kill someone. Now whoever interrupts him, he wants to kill someone. His own side has already ordered Jiang Han not to disturb his good thing when the sky falls tonight, but he didn’t expect that Lan Jingyi’s side was out of order.
Lan Jingyi’s mind turned to think of the sofa in the living room. He was ready to go. What’s wrong with him? He stretched out his hand and pushed him towards the wardrobe. "You also changed clothes and went with me. Liu Wentao had an accident. He always asked me to save him. Hurry up." She has a great advantage in having a conscience and taking Jiang Junyue. That is, if she can’t handle Jiang Junyue, she can help her deal with this man.
"Well, he loves to die and live and live. Why should I mind his business?" Jiang Junyue still doesn’t want to