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It was another sunny day, and my parents pushed the baby and took Xiaojin to the valley behind to bask in the sun.

Ye Xiangyuan took hold of me and said, "Let’s go too."
I gave him a wink.
It seems that he was busy the day he arrived, and he was very leisurely these two days.
But we should be on the run in a mess, but he is still so calm that I can’t understand it.
He dragged me to the back valley.
Xiaojin is having a good time with the baby. The baby is waving his paws to reach what Xiaojin has in his hand, and he is about to catch it and get away from it.
So many times the baby quit and ignored Xiao Jin.
Xiaojin rushed to apologize, but the baby still ignored Xiaojin, who was so depressed.
I think it’s funny that "the baby has a big temper"
Ye Xiangyuan pinched my nose and said, "This is Cong."
I laughed.
Look at the past, Xiao Jin has coaxed the baby, and the two brothers have played together again.
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly said, "The baby hasn’t been named yet … I want to name him Chen. What do you think?"
桑拿论坛The baby is a nickname. The name has never been there.
I didn’t think that he suddenly started this crop, and I was stunned to react.
Chen is a treasure, which shows how much he values the baby.
On second thought, Xiao Jin is a beautiful jade baby and a treasure, and the names of the two brothers also match well.
Ye Chen, "I whispered and said with a smile," It’s very nice. "
Ye Xiangyuan put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Not Ye Chen."
I don’t look at him.
He smiled, "It’s Ding Yechen."
Chapter 339 Nickname
I looked at him wait for a while.
Ding yechen
Is the baby my last name?
Although I told him to raise the baby for my parents, I didn’t ask for a surname.
I, he will give the baby his last name.
Of course, it doesn’t matter who my surname is in my mind.
But his move … Obviously because of me.
I don’t know how touched I am. I’m at a loss
Ye Xiangyuan touched my hair and said, "I should have given the baby a full moon wine … I must reissue it for the baby when things are over."
I shook my head and whispered, "It doesn’t matter if we want to be a family together."
He hugged me and said nothing more.
I stood on tiptoe and kissed him.
He smiled and hugged me to Xiao Jin and the baby.
Just like yesterday, our family got together again, but without my sister-in-law and grandfather.
Ye Xiangyuan actually discussed the barbecue before I finished my sadness.
And Pan Dong has brought the tools with his bodyguards.
I was dumbfounded.
After that, there is a special chef who is responsible for baking things.
Ye Xiangyuan is just like a posture that takes us for a spring outing.
I simply don’t know what to say
But I think my parents and Xiao Jin are very happy.
It’s really pleasant to have warm sunshine, gentle breeze and gurgling mountain streams in the valley
I got a chance to tell my parents about Ye Xiangyuan’s naming the baby.
I heard that my dad was silent for a long time before saying "then listen to him"
I’m a little dazed. Isn’t my dad dissatisfied that Ye Xiangyuan named the baby without his consent?
But the baby is Ye Xiangyuan anyway …
My mother seemed to see that I was puzzled and patted me on the back. "We think it’s true that he gets better again and again. It’s also true feelings … We’re just worried about you …"
I can’t help being stupefied.
The original crux is here.
When I was born prematurely, my parents didn’t know the reason, but they should be able to guess that they were angry.
What’s more, it’s obvious that Gu Changyu abandoned a family when Ye went far away.