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On the wedding day, Nan Nan wore a phoenix crown and Lu Xun bowed their heads and became bald.

Seeing that South-South is also happy, Ding Shi’s heart is filled with emotion.
Both of them have experienced ups and downs in their feelings, even despair.
品茶论坛Okay, it’s all over
The future is still long, and they can continue to be happy.
Ding Shi depends on Ye Xiangyuan’s arms and tears can’t stop flowing.
Ye Xiangyuan is very resistant to kiss her nose. "Baby, you can’t cry or our daughter will become a crying bag."
When Gu Changning and Xu Xin were married, they often felt tired. Only after checking did they know that they were pregnant.
Now she is five months pregnant.
This pregnancy, Ye Xiangyuan accompanied her, and she had a very comfortable life.
They all want a daughter.
Ye Xiangyuan even picked up the girl’s name and bought dolls and clothes for her daughter every day, so she became a conscious nanny.
Thank you, babies, for your reward ~
Chapter 434 Married life outside marriage 5
South-South nature was completely eaten by Lu Xun on the wedding night.
The next day I was carried to the airport.
Their first was Lu Xun in the northwest. After serving in the army there, they went all the way to Europe.
Every time she comes to South and South, Ding Shi feels happy and envious for her.
Ye Xiangyuan knew her mood and held her promise, "We will travel when the baby is born."
They didn’t have a honeymoon trip. Ye Xiangyuan once said that he would take her around the world, but it didn’t come true because of his busy work.
However, Ding Shishi is still quite satisfied with his present life.
She will feel very good if Ye Xiangyuan and her family are all around her.
To make matters worse, their horse is expecting a second baby.
In this way, after a few months, the baby was born in the spring of the following year.
It’s also a boy this time.
Except Ye Xiangyuan, who is a little sorry that she is not a soft waxy daughter like Ding Shishi, everyone else is very happy.
Grandpa Chu, in particular, feels that the baby is like him and can’t let go every day.
I didn’t go to Vancouver last summer vacation because I found out that Ye Xiangyuan and Ding Shishi were pregnant.
In winter, they have been living together since they brought Grandpa Chu to the Imperial City.
The baby was named Ye Yao.
The name came from Ye Xiangyuan who was going to give it to his little daughter, but it turned out to be a baby boy. Ye Xiangyuan was disappointed and put the name An Xiaoerhou directly.
Grandpa Chu scolded him directly after he knew it.
It’s a pity that Ye Xiangyuan is too lazy to modify it in his mouth book.
Ding Shi thinks that when children grow up, they will fight hard with Ye Xiangyuan.