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"Mom, don’t borrow it from me if you don’t pay it back this time." Jiang Junyue still had to wait for no man to chase it again.

"Hum, it’s all the women who brought Lan Jingyi down. When you didn’t show up, LaCrosse wasn’t like this." He Ling glared at Lan Jingyi as if she were so bad.
"unbridled" hasn’t been spoken. The master yelled, "The beam is crooked. Which one of you and Han Yu managed the LaCrosse? Since childhood, no matter if he wants to marry a woman at this moment, he will take care of it? "
"Grandpa, you always agree?" Lan Jingyi was timid and asked the master in the past. This means that she agreed to marry Jiang Junyue. Hey, hey, how happy she is. No one wants her marriage not to be blessed.
"Did I say I didn’t agree?" The master didn’t answer and asked an inscrutable question, "LaCrosse will play chess later. You haven’t played chess with grandpa for a long time."
"Good" didn’t go to the room to negotiate with Jiang Hanyu, which also angered Jiang Hanyu, but it was quite kind to master Jiang Junyue.
After dinner, although the dining table was very unpleasant, Lan Jingyi was in a much better mood than she was annoyed that Jiang LaCrosse didn’t go home last night. She went to the kitchen to help Zhang Ma wash the dishes and coax Xiao Zhuang into playing chess in the living room.
Master looked at it again and again for a long time, but when Jiang Junyue didn’t want to leave the horse behind, he immediately jumped up. "I put it wrong. It’s really my eyes that I really want to put it here." Pick it up and put another point. Master regrets chess.
"Grandpa, you have regretted it twice, and you can’t regret it again." Jiang Junyue muttered a little, but he didn’t object to letting the master move the chess, and he was calm and another.
The master’s expression began to look dignified. After the bridge of the nose was reading glasses, his eyes were radiant. He glanced here and there and finally lingered for half a minute before he fell. "LaCrosse, I think what can you do to me?" Haha, you are going to lose. "
Jiang Junyue stood up and put his hand on the whole game of chess. "I stopped playing. If you hadn’t regretted those two moves, I would have won."
"Who regrets chess? Lan Jingyi, did you see grandpa regret playing chess? " Master asked seriously.
Lan Jingyi looked at the master, and he looked like an old child. How can he be like him? Hehe smiled. "I didn’t see the LaCrosse. It must be your fault."
Jiang Junyue said yesterday that Lan Jingyi said that Grandpa was not good. Today, she is on Grandpa’s side. In this world, it is really difficult to raise a woman and a villain. "Yiyi has to go to the company."
"I’m going, too?" Lanjingyi surprised and asked
"Aren’t you looking for a job?"
"I said I wouldn’t go to your company. I’ll find it myself."
"It’s up to you to find it, but the company has been busy these two days and resigned secretly. You can cover for a few days." Jiang Junyue looked miserable.
Look, the Chinese New Year is coming in more than half a month. Lan Jingyi thought about it and then found a job of her own after the New Year. "Well, I won’t help you after the New Year. You have to re-recruit the secret."
After dinner, the two of them rushed to the company. This is not the first time Lan Jingyi has been to Jiang’s family, but she will still be nervous. "Will someone say anything if you dump me to help?"
"What would you say? Didn’t pay "Jiang Junyue slow way.
"Hey what didn’t pay? You are a capitalist. "Lan Jingyi pouted. Then she didn’t work in vain.
"Well, I’ll make it up to you extra." Jiang Junyue gently grabbed Lan Jingyi. He didn’t feel at home until she was around. It was the feeling that he had been missing for more than ten years.
Two people got into the car leisurely. Jiang Junyue was dressed in a cool and handsome black suit, and Lan Jingyi was dressed in the same color. When two people appeared in the lobby of the building together, they suddenly attracted many people’s attention, which made Lan Jingyi slightly nervous. "Tilt …"
Jiang Junyue didn’t speak, but an arm moved slightly, and Lan Jingyi held him knowingly. This is a high-profile announcement to the employees of the company that she and he are together.
Although they are not married yet, thinking about their two children, Lan Jingyi doesn’t refuse his high-profile announcement that he will always give the children a warm home, so that they can love their fathers and mothers and care for their healthy growth.
The president’s ladder goes straight to the floor of the president’s office. There is always too much with him, which makes Lan Jingyi slightly unaccustomed.
As soon as he entered the office, Jiang Junyue pointed to the secret desk and said, "After you get familiar with the documents and materials for an hour or two, you will start to enter the formal work. Don’t ask me." He said as he reached him. President Jiang instructed Lan Jingyi to walk to the desk, only to see that a pile of materials turned out to be a secret for her, and there were some work handover lists.
"Have a face? Doesn’t she need to hand over to me? "
"Something happened to her family and she went back to attend the funeral. If she doesn’t hand over to you, you can have a look."
Jiang Junyue said that people have entered his office.
Lan Jingyi crustily skin of head to study the documents in his hand.
After graduating from college, she married Lu Wentao. After her divorce, she worked in a small supermarket in China. French workers all worked and washed dishes. There was nothing to do at that time. At this moment, Lan Jingyi felt like a primary school student. She had to learn every lesson carefully.
"Sister-in-law is gone?" Looking at it carefully, an abrupt man rings from the top of his head. Lan Jingyi looks up at Jiang Junliang’s burning eyes. She can’t like Jiang Junliang very much. Jiang Junliang is a second uncle. Although the number of meetings is very small, every time he feels that this Jiang Junliang Jiang Junyue is out of place, it seems that he is particularly interested in Jiang Junyue’s position as president. He always wants to replace Jiang Junyue and his accomplice is his father Jiang Hanchang.
"Well, I’m not doing this. I won’t do it, but I’m here to help LaCrosse temporarily." Lan Jingyi directly rejected Jiang Junliang’s words.
"Sister-in-law, you can’t say that so many people in the company, but the eldest brother asked you by name. It seems that this position belongs to sister-in-law. Well, eldest brother wants to see you all the time, haha."
Lan Jingyi’s lip-licking Jiang Junliang’s words are to motivate her not to take over the position of Jiang’s president’s secret, but why should she listen to him? Jiang Junyue and Jiang Junliang are two people. Naturally, she believes Jiang Junyue. "Jiang Junliang, you are wrong, right? I want to see him every day. Well, I’ll get out of the way after I get married." She calmly said that she left all the posterior ways for herself. This secret can be done or not. She always doesn’t want to be led by the nose. She still likes to find a job by herself,
Chapter 14 Photos of Women
"Oh, sister-in-law, I also support you to marry your eldest brother now. I just don’t know what uncle and aunt think, and they don’t agree with me anyway. If I knew what they opposed, I would have persuaded them."
"Thank you for your kindness." Lan Jingyi looked down faintly and continued to look at the documents in his hand. He didn’t want to say this again. "By the way, did you come to the president?" I just read the information that when the company is in class, no matter what job the president is in, she should be called the president. It seems that she can’t call Jiang Junyue to dump again in this class.
The word tilting is like a magic wand, which always tickles her heart.
"Ha ha sister-in-law looks quite professional? Well, I’m here to see Jiang Da’s president, and I’d like to ask Lan Secret to inform me." Jiang Junliang’s glib smile made Lan Jingyi hate it more and more, but he was the Jiang family after all and hated her again and again, and he could bear it.
Pick up the line and dial it to remember the number of Jiang Junyue. The three numbers are easy to remember. "President Jiang Junliang is here."
"Invite him in" Jiang Junyue was very satisfied that Lan Jingyi entered the situation so quickly. "Well, by the way, send two cups of coffee in, one with yellow sugar and one without sugar."
"Good" Lan Jingyi wanted to ask him if he added sugar or not, but when she glanced at Jiang Junliang and fell on her desk, she held back and said nothing that could not let Jiang Junliang catch her unprofessional place. "Mr. Jiang Jiang invited you in."
"Sister-in-law thanks." Jiang Junliang smiled and took two steps, then turned around and smiled at Lan Jingyi. "Sister-in-law heard that your mother has been looking for your father?"
What do you mean?
Lan Jingyi looked warily at Jiang Junliang. "Do you have any news?"
Jiang Junliang spread his hand. "Hehe, I haven’t heard anything for so many years. No news is good news."
No news is good news?
品茶Lan Jingyi watched Jiang Junliang slowly step into the back of Jiang Junyue’s office, thinking thoughtfully, there is hope without news, right?
At this moment, she suddenly panicked. Does Jiang Junliang know about Dad?
"Jiang Junliang, you live, you make it clear that you know where my father is?" Lan Jingyi couldn’t help chasing after the past. Jiang Junliang’s words were so appetizing that she wanted to know some answers through him too much. How did Lan Qing find her father these years? No one knows better than her. Lan Qing is looking forward to her father coming back every day.
She gently shook the brooch on her chest, which was given by her father to her mother. Later, her mother gave it to her. She was used to wearing it wherever she went, thinking that this way would be an unexpected occasion. When her father met and saw the brooch, she would recognize herself. She dreamed of that day for I don’t know how long.
"Well, I’m just saying it. Why are you serious?" Jiang Junliang teased a smile, and the expression made Lan Jingyi really angry. But when she saw that she was sitting in a big chair and quietly looking at herself and Jiang Junliang Jiang Junyue, she didn’t react until she just lost control. She would believe a man like that.