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When we landed on the outskirts of Liuzhou, Chris and I immediately [assimilated] into ordinary rebel magic soldiers. When we entered the city when everyone was not looking, we found that it was completely different from the next time. The ordinary residents fled all the rooms, and all ethnic groups had Chris. In other words, we got to know each other at the alien zoo. After a while, we learned that the leader of this group of rebels was a magic man named Atlas Morning. He was also a magic man tribal leader. The rebel army allied with seven tribes or races, and some of the 100,000 people hated me. However, I was a Qitian ethnic group.

Chris looked at the round and said, "Do you want to sneak into the leader’s office?"
"Silk, then you stay in the pet and I’ll go in and have a look now."
The rebel generals in the leader’s mansion gathered together. It was accurate when I came. They were discussing such things as attacking Haoyue City.
"Chief, there were 100,000 defenders of our army’s 100,000 demon armies in Haoyue City, and the defenders of all nearby cities were evacuated to Haoyue City. Now the defenders of Haoyue City have reached 200,000. Our army’s two-to-one armament is weak, and the situation of strong armament is severe. Is this good?"
Sitting in the middle of the morning, they glanced at the woman next to him and said, "When will the rebels raise the flag?"
She looks ordinary but has a devil’s figure, but her face seems to be strong at the end of nine days, and she can’t see a little heat. She said coldly, "According to our information, the three rebel forces, Kejiao City, Shucheng City and Qianhou City, can raise their flags and rebel at any time. Riding two rebel armies in dry city, but I don’t know what has been delayed … "The rafter said that he paused and saw Atlas Chen nod and continued," The fire general troops are ready at any time if we can attack Haoyue City, and they will cooperate with each other to destroy the wood magic general, while the earth magic general and the flow maple general will sit tight and remain neutral. Finally, the elegant general is the devil’s diehard faction, which will definitely suppress all the rebel armies, and there may be some agreements between them near her city, so perhaps our temporary strategy is to cooperate with the earth magic general to destroy the wood magic.
Atlas morning nodded "did everyone hear that? I believe that even if the demon king has earth-shattering martial arts, he can’t return to heaven. He has five generals and three rebellions, and all aspects of our rebel army add up to millions of troops. The situation is still conducive to us. We want everyone to attack Haoyue City and everything will be easy. "
"Yes!" Everyone is excited to answer.
"So if you leave someone else to prepare for the day, we will head for Haoyue City. In addition, the Magician Corps needs 300,000 copies to prepare for the short-distance delivery of scrolls."
After everyone left, Atlas Chen held the rafters on his shoulders and said softly, "Thank you."
"We are all together in the morning. How can we say that? I will help you if you want to do it. "
I suddenly had an idea in my heart, and after a little thought, I decided to jump to Atlas Morning and the rafter. When someone suddenly jumped, two people immediately took out their side weapons, and Atlas Morning shook a one-meter-long stick and immediately turned it into a two-meter-long, three-long stick, while the rafter took out a whip and paid attention to it.
After I jumped, I quickly spread out my hands and said, "Atlas leader has something to say slowly. I suddenly came out of reality without any malice. Why don’t you wait for me to talk about my purpose before you decide?" This is your military stronghold, and I can’t escape anywhere, can I? "
It was the leader of a party who sat back in the chair in an instant and asked, "Who is Ge?"
I shrugged my shoulders and made a so-called move and sat in the chair opposite Atlas Morning. "I said that Miss rafter doesn’t need to be so nervous, right? If I had come to assassinate the atlas leader, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to show up, wouldn’t I? "
Huan Chen winked at the rafter before putting away his whip and then turned to me and said, "I wonder if the pavilion has something to do with me?"
"Deal! I help you attack Hao Yue, and you help me find something. "
"oh? I’m sure of attacking Haoyue. Why do I need your help? "
"Hahahuan leader, you still overestimate yourself. Although the demon king doesn’t know where to go for the time being, Princess Pupil is not a weak person. All your actions are planned by her. Everyone in your organization knows and believes that you know what Princess Pupil has in the seventh army. No, I said, if Princess Pupil transports her seventh army, do you believe that these people can resist?"
Atlas morning heard this cold sweat. Princess Pupil’s Seventh Army is not an ordinary army. It is a special army that combines assassinations, assassinations, poisoning and other talents. This is also the special license granted by the devil to Princess Pupil. It is to set up an army against enemy leaders. The deadly assassination is not something that ordinary people can resist.
"It seems that we still have the qualifications. What do you want me to find?"
"The treasure of the underworld-the soul of blood!"
"What? Do you want me to go to the old man and get this thing? "
"If you don’t take it, you may be wiped out before you go to Haoyue. Hehe, then I’ll go first!"
桑拿网"Wait for the synthesis!"
I approached Atlas Morning and shook hands. "I want to tell you three things, so you can capture Haoyue, the first Haoyue City, and combine more than 200,000 troops. However, Haori City next to Haoyue does not embed a blow, and Haori City has half of Haoyue City’s hay; The second Hao Yuecheng garrison commander, General Mumo, really listens to the command. His relatives, more than 100,000 legions of miscellaneous brands, want you to be a strategist. Even if they don’t rebel, their attack power is much weaker. The third fire demon general will definitely lend you and Haoyue City a life-and-death fight before attacking. Therefore, you have to make a pretence to send 30,000 troops to fight July 7th to let the fire demon general support you. Then, after you wait for the fire demon and the wood demon to fight life-and-death, you will have a fisherman’s profit, and then the leader of Atlas will hehe. Will I say it later? "
Chapter 16 Haoyue War
"Wonderful! You are my lucky star!" Atlas morning listened to the excitement and shouted, "Don’t worry, I’ll ask the old guy to spit it out and give it to me for half a day. I’ll send someone to get it immediately."
Huan Chen arranged for me to have a rest in a hotel. I was also very surprised to think of that thing called blood soul. I suddenly knew it. At this moment, I heard a voice in my heart, "Idiot, I told you that your The Hunger ring is a very powerful artifact. There are The Hunger ring, The Hunger halberd, The Hunger bow, The Hunger reincarnation knife and two The Hunger balls and blood soul. If you want to combine six pieces, the real power of The Hunger ring will be presented."
When I heard the words, I remembered that there was a little dragon girl. "I still hibernated you, and you haven’t spoken these days. By the way, is it true what you said about the rebels just now?"
"Of course, the dragon is a thousand miles away."
"So powerful?"
"If you can make a high-level transformation, it is also possible. Unfortunately, you can’t even do the initial transformation now, and you don’t want to think about it."
"What if you can transform at the beginning?"
"I won’t tell you!" Lan Xun didn’t come out again after he finished speaking. I also took the opportunity to think about my original purpose of coming to the underworld, which was very simple, but before I knew it, there were so many accidents, which really surprised me.
The next day, Huan Chen was ready to send an army to Haoyue City. He divided the army into three parts, one of which was a main force of 70 thousand troops lurking in the mountains, while the original vanguard of 30 thousand troops pulled 40 thousand civilians to attack Haoyue City. Seeing that civilians have never experienced war, I still have some feelings that can dominate others’ lives
And I was given the title of military adviser by Atlas Chen, which made me right. If Atlas Chen knew my real purpose, I really don’t know if he wanted to, because I have reported all the trends of Haoyue City to Pupil, and General Mu Mo has also taken corresponding measures. Of course, the first condition for me to be a military adviser, the blood soul has been put in a sealer. When I took out the The Hunger ring, the blood soul shook desperately, and the crusher immediately merged with the The Hunger ring. If I look at the The Hunger ring attribute, I find that there is nothing added. It seems that The Hunger ball is needed to exert its real power. Where is The Hunger ball? A red ball is really hard to find in such a big fairyland. If Lan Xun didn’t know about Master The Hunger’s ball in the morning, I really couldn’t find the blood soul, and this thing is just a good ornamental ornament in other people’s hands.
"Military adviser, what are you thinking?" Atlas morning see I don’t talk and asked.
"Atlas leader you have to find out the surrounding environment? Is there an ambush? "
Atlas morning haha laughed. "Don’t worry, all the surrounding mountains have been explored. I believe that there will be our fire demons and wood demons waiting to be destroyed in the ambush."
The war is on the verge of breaking out. In the morning, 30,000 vanguard magicians are mixed with civilians [life blessing]. They all jump into the ten-meter-high wall like springs. I can’t speak when I see it. I didn’t expect that there is such a magic that can improve my own sports ability. All those siege equipment have become waste. The war site has become a wall and city streets. The war is fierce and almost melee, but I feel the atmosphere of war far away, but I still can’t feel the feeling of bloody pieces in the war. However, I can see the wall battle clearly after I enhance my eyesight.
As I expected, 30,000 regular vanguard troops didn’t own 200,000 Hao Yuecheng, and they were defeated in three hours. At this time, Atlas Morning began to call for help, and General Fire Devil’s army immediately appeared not far away and joined the siege ranks. At this time, Haoyue City resisted suddenly, and there were riots in the city. After Atlas Morning, I didn’t know what happened in the city and discussed with Fire Devil for a while. Immediately, more than 70,000 regular troops and General Fire Devil began to attack Haoyue City, and hundreds of troops were squeezed into the city in an instant, and I’ve already run away. Wait a minute. What happened in Haoyue City won’t fry my skin when Huachen finds out.
I saw a fire in Haoyue City from a distance, followed by a loud noise, followed by a "rumbling" sound of building collapse. This is the plan that I decided to set up a city to destroy the fire demon and the Atlas Army after consulting with Pupil, and of course I am undercover! As for Atlas Morning and when most of the fire demon troops were destroyed in Haoyue City, the consequences can be imagined when hundreds of thousands of troops surrounded them, and I was not in the mood to watch them fight to the death. At this time, I was heading for another stronghold of the rebels.
The magic pupil princess villa pupil happily laughed "indeed as expected severe little a trick makes hundreds of troops go to hell hahaha …"
Next to the witch god, he was slightly happy and asked, "What’s so happy about the Princess Hall?"
Pupil smiled for a while before saying, "Isn’t it something to be happy that the rebel army and the fire rebel army were wiped out in the morning?"
"What?" Witch god surprised at the pupil "what’s going on? We don’t seem to have sent reinforcements. How can 200,000 miscellaneous troops resist two roads of almost 300,000 elite troops? "
"A clever guy helped me finish, not to mention that the second detachment of the Seventh Army is ready? I’ll leave it to you to assassinate the remaining rebel leaders. I want them to die before they rebel and see who dares to rebel. "