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Is he short of money?

To the point where you have to fight black boxing to make up for your lack of funds?
But where could he be that other man’s opponent? Although he is not taller than him, the man is a big circle bigger than him, vowing not to see him again. But at this moment, seeing Jiang Junyue again, her heart seemed to jump out of her throat. She was nervous about Jiang Junyue and nervous.
"Hey, who did you bet on?"
"The handsome guy in the white fist, my friend said that he never lost when he appeared in a fight with Cheng Ge. Everyone else earned money. Hurry up and bet him." Little Silkworm was excited to show everyone the bottom.
So they bet on Jiang Junyue one by one, that is, the Vietnamese brother in everyone’s mouth. It seems that Jiang Junyue often comes here to fight?
What, she doesn’t know anything about it?
Lan Jingyi’s eyebrows are getting more and more wrinkled, and the man’s body is looking away. Xiao Qinqin can’t see the boxing ring, so she looks at the men and women around her, chirping as if she can feel the excitement of others. She is also excited, and her short legs are jumping around Lan Jingyi’s feet.
"Qinqin mom who you bet? Come on, you can’t come if you bet again, or you don’t bet. "The little silkworm asked her eyes and stared at the two handsome guys in the ring. Both men have their own advantages, but they are the type that makes girls tend to see each other at first sight.
Lan Jingyi’s eyebrows are wrinkled and wrinkled. Seeing Jiang Junyue, she is still angry. It is easy for him to find her in the city because of other things. But he didn’t go to the small supermarket to find her at all. He didn’t miss her, and she would be ashamed to think about him.
"I bet on the one who wears black fists. What’s his name?"
"Cheng Ge"
"Good bet into elder brother"
"Qin Qin mom, how much do you bet?" Knowing the name of Xiaoqinqin, everyone in the small supermarket likes to call her Qinqin Mom.
Lan Jingyi reached out and touched her backpack. She only had 500 yuan and gritted her teeth. "I bet 500."
"Qin Qin mom, you bet so much and remanded into a brother?" When Silkworm quit, she should be advised, "I won’t lie to you. My friend said that Brother Yue and Cheng played three games recently. Brother Yue won for a while. If you lose, don’t mess with me."
"No" Anyway, she doesn’t want Jiang Junyue to win. Hum, it’s good for him to lose. It’s best to be beaten black and blue before going out to hide. Then she will be happy.
"Well, you can’t go back on your word if you bet." Little Silkworm sighed and then took Lan Jingyi’s 500 dollars and gave it to Sheng for a bet and then gave it to Lan Jingyi. "You put it away, but you didn’t lose it."
If you lose, you lose. Anyway, you don’t bet on Jiang Junyue.
And what does she think of Jiang Junyue? Cheng Ge thinks that Jiang Junyue is no match for Cheng Ge. How can Cheng Ge lose? It must be that Qian Jiang Junyue is playing tricks with Cheng Ge.
Gambling sometimes involves black boxing. Maybe someone bought a lot of bets from Jiang Junyue and promised to give half of the winning money to Cheng Ge. Even if Cheng Ge loses, he won’t lose. Usually, many people earn money instead of losing their fame once or twice. It is important to get more money without money. No one in this world thinks that money is too much to bite.
Although she bet 500 yuan on Cheng Ge, her hand shook when she took out the money. It was only after she sold Taobao for a few days that she earned money. If this is about to fight, it is not Jiang Junyue. She will definitely come in and watch and play, but since it is him, she must bet on his opponent
She argued with him.
"The elder brother come on …"
"Brother Yue, come on, fuck him!"
"The elder brother is more powerful."
The boxing gym started one after another. Among men and women, the female shout was the most violent, which showed a one-sided trend. Almost everyone cheered for Jiang Junyue, but watching Cheng Ge remain calm, and he was not happy at all. He still entered the arena with a cold and dignified expression. To be honest, Cheng Ge is really cool.
Of course, Jiang Junyue is not bad. One of them looks cold and the other looks evil. Jiang Junyue is a little warmer and a little evil than Cheng Ge. That is a woman’s favorite tone, just as she used to be so crazy about him.
"Qinqin mom, you really don’t regret it? You’ll regret that you’ve come to change the bet now. "The little silkworm woke up Lan Jingyi again.
Isn’t "no regrets" 500 yuan? Think of it as a waste of water. Her business is good these days. Maybe she will receive several orders when she goes back after watching this boxing match. She is excited at the thought of orders. That’s the source of her money.
Lan Jingyi’s safe sitting position is her eyes, but she can’t move away from Jiang Junyue. I have to say that this man looks good in everything, even in boxing. The loose dress sets off his unique taste and makes her gawk and can’t move her eyes anymore.
"Qin Qin mom, aren’t you a brother? Why are you looking at our idols? Brother Yue is us. "A girl next to her pushed Lan Jingyi. Lan Jingyi was a little embarrassed." Who looked at him and I looked at others? "
"Well, I don’t admit that I’m a anthomaniac. You just looked at him. I told you that all the girls who came here to watch boxing came from him."
"Hehe, he is really rich."
"That’s true, but the elder brother never talks to the girl, probably because he is too cold and unreasonable. The more interested everyone is in him, the more they can’t get it, the better."
The more you can’t get it, the better. Well, this is a classic. She wondered if it was because he got her that she became unimportant in his mind.
After walking for nearly ten days, he didn’t even send a message once.
"It’s about to start. Look, it’s about to start."
桑拿按摩Lan Jingyi looked up again. Just as Jiang Junyue jumped into the ring, what was he saying to his ear? It was far away and Megan could not be heard by her, but she still cocked her ears to hear what Jiang Junyue and the man had said.
Soon the man said that the lacrosse in Houjiang nodded his head, and then his eyes quickly swept to the stands, which seemed to sweep her position. Although there was a short moment, Lan Jingyi’s instantaneous heartbeat accelerated.
Jiang Junyue withdrew his gaze from the bleachers, and his eyes were cold. On the other side, it was this little black that made him quarrel with Lan Jingyi. Lan Jingyi was really his nemesis, and he dared to bet on Cheng Qingyang. This made him look at Cheng Qingyang’s eyes, which was no longer cold, but with a sharp look, as if a knife were going to split him in two.
He lost and Lan Jingyi won.
He won Lan Jingyi and lost.
Go from one thought to another
Did you guess that the more Yi Yi won, or did he win himself?
Chapter 157 Partial don’t cheer him on
He lost and Lan Jingyi won.
He won Lan Jingyi and lost.
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The boxing hall is as bright as day.