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Section 44

Gao Xiaoxiao was so frightened that she tried to encircle his waist for fear of falling off.
Before she could react, Han Shan whispered in her ear that "the circle is really tight"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao blushed at the same time, and suddenly he felt that he had been buried in it.
Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide. There was shyness, confusion and a trace of ecstasy in Han’s eyes …

Ear to the man with a low gasp and a satisfied smile, and then he has been deeply kissed.
The hot glass door has formed a thick layer of white fog, and the temperature in the bathroom is getting higher and higher.
Gujia villa
Gu Li came out around the bath towel after cleaning, and she heard a series of WeChat tones from the desk phone.
She walked over and wiped her body casually while picking up a bath towel, and picked up her mobile phone and was lying in it.
Slide your finger on the phone and you will see several people in the sister WeChat group chatting.
Friend A: "Have you seen me send a circle of friends late?"
Friend b "saw it, but I didn’t expect you to be there today!" "
Friend A: "Yes, I was very lucky. I happened to be shopping near Jinsheng. I heard my mother say that she was watching people hold weddings and riding horses in sedan chair, so I went to watch the fun together."
Friend "Why are all those groomsmen so handsome? Do you know them?"
Friend A: "Where can I know them? But it is said that they are all members of D city’s extended family. Isn’t Uncle Liqing married Yu’s grandson and daughter?" She must know it! "
Friend B "Yes, yes, you should know Li Qing. Come out and tell us!"
My friend "@ 亵亵亵亵 out!"
Gu Liqing frowned and ignored it. He directly clicked out of the WeChat group and threw his mobile phone away.
I don’t want to know. It must be the wedding of Han Shao and Ye Xiao.
It’s great to hold a Chinese wedding and go to Jinsheng, a crowded area. It’s really ostentatious!
She took a deep breath and tried to ignore it. It was like a thorn in her heart, and she couldn’t hold it down.
After a while, she suddenly sat up again, picked up her mobile phone, clicked on the circle of friends and slipped. Sure enough, she saw her friend A sending a circle of friends four hours ago.
"In the evening, I accidentally passed by Jinsheng and bumped into two giants to hold a Chinese wedding!"
The photos are also very clear. Han Shao is wearing a groom’s official, riding a white horse, bearing a grand appearance, slipping away, a robe and jacket, a handsome groomsman, pulling up a big sedan chair, and Gao Xiaoxiao’s phoenix crown and Xiabi’s face are shy and in Han Shao’s arms …
spa会所Gu Liqing’s eyes narrowed, and his jealousy bit by bit gnawed at the delicate facial features and gradually distorted.
I looked at it at 1: 03 p.m.
She clicked on those photos to make sure, and then sent a message in her own name.
Looking at the new news displayed in her circle of friends, a sneer slowly appeared on her mouth.
The city is a famous coastal tourist city in China, and the new project of Qilituan was launched. After a successful evening celebration dinner this afternoon, the guests gradually withdrew and returned to their respective rooms in the resort to rest.
In the next few days, the base has come to communicate and relax, and the organizer has also reserved the resort department for beautiful and unique scenery, and the top facilities of the resort will give guests the utmost relaxation and enjoyment.
The first floor of the main building of the resort is also the top floor, and this floor is the most important VIP or partner of Qilituan.
The first thing I did when I went back to my room was to take out my mobile phone and look at it.
No words, no text messages
He picked his eyebrows as if he had already expected it, and then he clicked on WeChat and took a look.
Then he saw the message sent by Gu Liqing in the circle of friends, "Hey, others!"
Every photo attached to the face is very festive, but the words with Gu Liqingfa look like irony.
He pulled his lips and then threw the phone aside.
Pick up the remote control and watch a comedy variety show every weekend. The audience burst into laughter, but his thoughts have already drifted away.
Today is her wedding day with Han Shao, and it’s really a great ostentation and extravagance.
It’s already past 1 o’clock at night. At this time, she should spend their wedding night with Han Shao, right?
Gu north also don’t know how I can think of that aspect is almost irrepressible …
"Knock knock" a few crisp knocking at the door suddenly into the ear.