[Can you eat indica rice after 2 years]_Can you eat it? Can you eat it?

The shelf life of indica rice is 12 months. For indica rice that has been stored for 2 years, mold or deterioration may have occurred. It is best not to eat it. If indica rice is not moldy, do not eat it. You can use indica rice to make a mask. You can startTo whitening effect.

The method of whitening rice is to wash it clean. The ratio of it to moisture is 1: 3, then simmer the indica rice, and finally filter and filter the water to cover the surface.

The general shelf life is 8 to 12 months. If it has been opened, it may be related to the local weather. If it is relatively dry, it should be OK. If it is neglected, pay attention to whether it is moldy.

It is best not to eat if it has been moldy.

In addition, if you are not comfortable eating it, and you are not willing to throw it away, you can cook it as a mask, as follows: 1 Wash the barley you bought, and soak it in mineral water for 4 hours.

The ratio of barley to water is preferably 1: 3.

2 Cook the soaked indica rice in a rice cooker that cooks rice. In fact, it is the same as indica rice. It will cook for about an hour and a half, depending on how long the indica rice has been cooked.The thickest is best, then take it out and strain the water.

3 Just apply your face with this blister paper film!

It should be noted that this is not to be eaten during menstruation, because barley is cold, and it is not good to eat it during this period.

Because if you can’t buy a paper film, use a mask and remove the gauze on it to sew one of your own according to your face shape.

Also, it is best to cook this rice water for only one week at a time, otherwise it will be broken for too long. “ If it is hot, it is best to have a refrigerator to save it for any skin, especially sensitive skin.No effect, whitening and rejuvenating effect can be implemented