The waitress laughed softly:“Mr. Nice,Our VIP Room,All in Beijing、Shanghai、Named in big cities such as Guangzhou,You come with me“
Bypass a big tree in the lobby on the first floor,The stairs are behind the big tree,This idea is novel enough,Don’t you just have a meal?It makes people feel a little mysterious。
The box door of the Shanghai Hall is hidden,There are already human voices inside,Xia Jian opened the door and walked in,I saw Zhu Hui sitting inside,It is Gao Wei sitting next to him、Lu Monkey,There are a few men and women who don’t know。Although these women look good,But Xia Jian recognized them as the street girls under the building.。
It turns out that this hotel still has such services,It’s so fresh and bizarre。
“Ouch!President Xia is here,Please sit inside“Zhu Huiyi saw Xia Jian,Stood up,Greeted loudly。
Sit next to Zhu Hui,A man in his forties,Hurriedly stood up,Moved aside,Gave Xia Jian a seat。
Xia Jian couldn’t think of it,But I thought that since Zhu Hui asked him to talk,There must be something to say,Close,It’s convenient to speak,So he walked over,Sat down next to Zhu Hui’s seat。
Gao Wei is talking with his arms around a woman’s shoulders,Just then stopped,Smiled at Xia Jian:“President Xia really appreciates the light,If it wasn’t for Mr. Zhu’s face,You might not sit with us!“
Xia Jian did not speak,Thinking in my heart,It’s best to have a name for yourself。
Gao Wei saw that Xia Jian ignored him,He is not embarrassed,But stood up,Shout out loudly:“Let Manager Lu come over,VIPs are here”
“Hey!coming”A woman’s tender voice came in from outside the door。
A woman about thirty years old walked in with the voice,The woman looks pretty,Especially not tall or short,Thin waist,Lordotic chest,Back warped carcass,Wrapped in a tight cheongsam,Full of alluring charm。
“Manager Lu,This is our President Xia,You have to stay with him”Zhu Hui said,Shunba glanced at the woman who just came in。
Manager Lu smiled and said:“Which is natural,This handsome man,I like it right away”Woman talking,Moved a chair,Squeezed and sat on the other side of Xia Jian。
The woman sits down,Xia Jiancai discovered,The slits of her cheongsam are really a bit high,Almost reaching her armpit,A slender beautiful leg,Finish**Exposed,Fortunately, she should wear flesh-colored stockings on her legs。
“Mr. Xia!My name is Lv Xiaomei,Please take care of my business in the future”
“OK OK,Non-business,You say in private,Waiter serving dishes and wine”Gao Wei shouted impatiently,Lu monkey sitting beside him,I yelled twice too busy following。
The dishes are ready soon,After Zhu Hui asked everyone to fill up the wine,,She just raised the glass,said laughingly:“Thank you friends from Pingdu,Especially our summer can always come,This makes me happier。Come!Everyone did this cup”Zhu Hui finished,Just do it all。
Since it’s here,And this is the occasion,Xia Jian was too embarrassed to spoil the atmosphere here,Although he feels a little uncomfortable,But it’s still worth it,He drank the wine。