Six ways to strengthen your breasts

Strong, plump, and sexy twin peaks are a bargaining chip for women. Many women can’t stand the pain of their breasts. Sagging breasts will make women look old and affect the overall beauty of the body.

Therefore, many women are struggling to make their breasts firm, but they ignore the maintenance of their breasts temporarily.

Here are six tips that nobody has told you to make your breasts firm: 1. Do n’t squeeze your breasts. Breasts are the softest place for female friends, so you need to take more care of it, so you must work hard.Protect your breasts from impacts or pressure from external forces.

  2, pay attention to the daily sleeping position is best not to lie down when sleeping, or to lie on his back to sleep.

  3, eat more protein-supplemented food breasts are mainly composed of feces and collagen, so eat more high-protein foods in daily life to supplement enough nutrients to maintain a balanced hormone level.

  4, to choose the right underwear to wear the right underwear can shape the rich breast shape, you can lift the breasts to prevent breasts from sagging.

The choice of underwear size depends on the shape of the chest.

The 1/2 cup can support the lower half of the breast. The vertical underwear band can raise the chest line and make the chest hemispherical. It is suitable for women who hang down from above.

The side cups are biased upwards and towards the middle, making the tops fuller and suitable for women who are expanding or above.

3/4 cups are suitable for dark, plump but slightly sagging MMs.

  5, reduce hot water stimulation Do not let hot water irritate the breast for a long time, otherwise it is easy to burn away the cuticle of the skin surface, make the skin dry, and the breast tissue will become more and more relaxed.

So it is recommended that the bath water temperature be around 27 degrees.

The nozzle can be used to flush the tibia from below to extend the lifting of the breast and prevent the breast from sagging.

  6. Massage up and down on a flat bed every day, hold your upper and lower abdomen with your left hand, and push and rub from the direction of the lower nipple with the palm of your hands, once 20?
30 times, then massage the right side with the same method, this can promote blood circulation of breast cancer, while preventing the occurrence of breast cancer while shaping.

  The above are the six tricks to make your breasts firm, which I have introduced to you in detail. Have you learned them?

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