Perhaps, Lin Fang is particularly emphasized in the TV political programs on the 8th that he is a Zhi Zhong, but it is not a charming. He also referred to the "Sun Tzu" in knowing all the words, the gods of all war, said that he is more suitable to deal with China. Because of the negotiation, the opponent is better than I don’t know if I don’t know the opponent. Despite questioning, Lin Fang is finally served as the outer phase of Japan, and Taiwan is also worried about it. It is pointed out that Lin Fangzheng’s father Lin Yilang is a close-time route, and the president of the Japanese-China Friendly Member Alliance is served. It can be described as a giant of a child’s giant, and its duties have given Lin Fangzheng since 2017. Article analysis, the current situation is not forgiving, Juda Tianzhang is beautiful, even if Lin Fang is attending the outer phase, it is difficult for China’s advocacy, but when he faces a Taiwan issue, he will probably quite quite quite. Maoemu sensitive and other people protect Taiwan. On the occasion of the Taiwanese media, Japan’s "Navy News" station reporter Yigu Ming Fu said in the face book, Lin Fangzheng although the relationship with China is good, but it is a pro-grace. He said that Lin Fang has many friends in the US political world. In the current Sino-US relations, Lin Fang, who is the prime minister, is impossible to go too far on the road.