Xinhua News Agency Nanchang November 7th: "Hero Horse" is late, "Sports +" is not absented with Xinhua News Agency, Huang Haoran, on the morning of 6 days, lives in Chen Jun, who lives in Honggutan District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, came to Phoenix China Citizen Square. Originally the day is 2021 Nanchang Marathon’s game day, Chen Jun and his running friends were told for a week ago.

"The ‘Hero Horse’ is late, but sports are accelerating into our lives." Chen Jun said.

Chen Jun said that he opened the running applet and scan the code into the park wisdom runway. On this runway to and from the bus, the citizens can implement, sports ranks, sports trajectories, and the wise large screen will display "Run Friends" to "Run Friend" in real time. Becoming convenient and fun. The park is greenway into a smart runway.

The city’s sports space is limited, how can the people’s sports demand growth, how to make up for the gap? Open stadium, karters and gym … These are often built in the sportsplace in the lunter district, but now there is an idle high-speed service area.

In recent years, due to urban expansion, Fengsheng Expressway is changed to urban expressway, and the Leigong service area is idle. However, after transforming into a cultural sports industry in April 2019, it turned into a net red card. "The service area covers an area of ??204 mu, the building area is nearly 60,000 square meters, we will plan and re-transform the previous old factory, the old warehouse, and the old building in the way, and the original venue, The construction space is integrated, providing a fitness and leisure complex for the public. "The head of the industrial park said.

The butterfly is not just a idle high-speed service area: August 1st stadium turns into the first sport complex in the province, was rated as a national sports industry demonstration project; Jiangxi Huaan Knitting Factory Old Plant has become a football, basketball, badminton, etc. The comprehensive venue of the ball, also equipped with professional scientific fitness guidance; the old site of Jiangxi Shipyard Become a public waterfront space, 8,000 square meters of sports is the largest gas film gymnasium in the province … create a 15-minute sports ring, put Sports "sticky" in the lives of people, exercise makes the city vibrant. "National Fitness Program (2021-2025) issued in August this year, encourage all local innovation of sports consumption policies, mechanisms, patterns, products, and increase quality sports products and services. Last year, Nanchang issued a total of 2.5 million yuan of sports coupons and pulled 30 million yuan in sports consumption. "Last year’s sports coupons are concentrated in brand enterprises and popular projects, it is designed to play faucets, it is’ key breakthrough, this year, more focused on ‘extensive network’, through absorbing more local sports companies and venue participation, stimulating the whole people Fitness enthusiasm. "Yang Chun, director of the Nanchang Sports Bureau. +1.