The charity cocktail party organized by Yidong Media to celebrate the 40 years of reform and opening up will be held at 8 pm,As the host of the reception,She still has a lot to prepare。
That night,ShenzhenAbig hotel,The brilliant crystal lamp exudes magnificent light,The stylish yet elegant decoration is full of oriental charm。Those who enter and leave the hotel are celebrities,Ladies and gentlemen look at each other,Yi Xiang’s temple shadows and whispers。
The guests of this charity reception were personally invited by Cui Ronghao, chairman of Yidong Media。As a popular anchor of Yidong Media, Korean poetry is holding Cui Ronghao’s strong arm,When entering the luxurious banquet hall full of lights,Immediately attracted everyone’s attention。
The men and women in the banquet hall elegantly holding the crystal glasses,Look at them one after another。
Yushi’s delicate face is painted with fresh light makeup,The matte peachy lip color makes her beautiful。The diamond necklace between the neck is exquisite and smart,Flowing like spring water on smooth and delicate skin。A smoky black silk satin fishtail skirt,Sketch her graceful figure vividly。
Under the bright light,There is a pleasing light on her white porcelain skin,Long black hair pouring down from the top of the head,Like a quietly blooming orchid in the empty valley。
For a time,Exclamation、Praise is endless。Everyone knows,Who is the stunning beauty next to Cui Ronghao。
just,Some arguments with a sour smell still appeared in harmony。
“I heard people say,Cui Ronghao has an unusual relationship with Korean poetry,Otherwise, Korean Poetry is just a college student who hasn’t graduated soon,Why did you become a popular female anchor??”A woman in a black dress and her companion said。
“I guess so,Look at Mr. Choi’s eyes on Korean poems,They definitely have something!”Another woman echoed。
Two people’s discussion,It passed to Ji Yunfeng, who was wearing a royal blue suit next to them, without missing a word.。The corners of his handsome lips are slightly raised,A face of disdain。
To this kind of woman,He is the most scornful,If it wasn’t for this kind of gold worshiper’s intervention,His father will not abandon him and his mother,Keep my mother depressed。
“Mr. Cui,long time no see。“
A well-dressed man walked not far away,He stared at Yu Shi’s cheeks like a torch,A wicked smile crossed the corner of his mouth,“excuse me,The goddess next to Choi is Miss Hanyu Poem, right??”
Compared to some women scratching their heads at the banquet,The freshness and elegance of the poetry is like an ink painting full of Zen,Make people feel more comfortable。