Fuming feels like falling into a bottomless abyss,It’s dark all around,Suddenly fell heavily to the ground,Fuming tightly held the Godbreaking Halberd,Scan around。
Fuming reached out and probed,Feel something,A little cold,Very smooth,Suddenly lights ignited around,One,Two,Until all light up,Only after Fuming did I see what I touched。
It’s dragon,The legendary dragon!
And the dragon in front of Fuming slowly opened his eyes,The light blue eyes looked towards Fuming,Fuming feels like he has been cast,Can’t move“Ho。。Ho”Open your mouth,Looking at the dragon in front of you。
“Well,Humanity,Hehehe,It’s been a long time,I haven’t seen humans anymore!”
Fuming don’t know what to say。
chapter Five:Swallow dragon blood,Go against the sky
Fuming looking at the huge dragon head in front of you,With the air blowing from the dragon’s mouth,Fuming can’t produce any resistance。
“Tut,Really strange,A little guy with a genetic lock in his body dared to come to me,Are you crazy?”The dragon is strange,The ant list in front of you is not small。
“call。。call,I know that for you, my behavior is a fool,But to change my own destiny,It’s all worth it!”Fuming heard the dragon say that there is no genetic lock in his body,A sting in my heart,Say immediately。
“Hahahahaha,interesting,Very interesting,For a long time,No one has spoken to me for a long time,let me see,The guy who talked to me last time was Duan Fengtian!”When Long talked about the name Duan Fengtian,With a strong resentment!
Duan Fengtian?Isn’t that the name of Lord Saint?,He actually called the name of the holy god,Listen to what he meant,It seems that the Holy Spirit has a great grudge against it!
“you。。。Are you having a holiday with the Holy Spirit”Fuming boldly asked。
“Holy Spirit?You mean Duan Fengtian’s title is Holy God!”Dragon furious。
“Yes,It’s rumored that the title of the Holy Spirit is not from the title hall,It was appointed by the Holy Spirit。”
“Hahahahaha,OK,OK,Duan Fengtian!You are so ambitious,Xiandu Tian is holy,Overtake all living beings!You are so ambitious”The dragon churns its body,Roar to the sky!
Ye Fuming was unstable by the wind stirred by the dragon,You can only stand on the halberd。
The dragon roared for a while,Seems a little tired,Calm down。
I see it is a little unstable,Did not dare to come forward to speak,After a while,Long suddenly speaks:“Kid,do you know,What am i stuck here”。