The penalty head pointed at the high wall of the City Lord’s Mansion and said:“It is said that Shui Qingfeng is also a master of formation,There must be many formations on Qingfeng Village。If we don’t check the formation of Qingfengzhai first,I’m afraid to pay a heavy price。”
“So your task for asking me for help is to find out the formation of Qingfengzhai?”
“Really only check the formation,No need to confront Qingfengzhai?”
“of course,I guarantee this by my personality。”
Chen Xiu hesitated for a while:“This is the second time I see you,Ghost knows what character you are!”
Seeing that Chen Xiu was already a little moved,Even more energetically:“Don’t hesitate,Let me do it together。How about this,As long as this time we get the distribution map of Qingfengzhai formation,I will apply for 30,000 mission points for you,So you can get it yourself‘Marry clothes’The first two levels of exercises。”
Chen Xiu was really moved by him,As long as it is not a frontal,Avoid Liao Ying and Shui Qingfeng,The rest of you shouldn’t be dangerous to yourself。
“Promise you too。but,You have to answer my question honestly,Your six doors should not lack manpower,Why are you looking for me?”
This is where Chen Xiu is puzzled,After all, I don’t count as friendship with the torturer.,As for the six doors, there is no shortage of manpower,It is the two apprentices Yan Xiaoliu、Yan Xiaoqi is also a first-rate master。
Xing catches the head in his heart:“Special,Six doors are no shortage of manpower。But I can’t adjust the basic characters!
Yan Xiaoliu、Although Yan Xiaoqi is my apprentice,But also my brother-in-law,I can let them take risks,Even if Qingfengzhai is wiped out,My wife can’t spare me!
not to mention,Although your kid is a top-notch master,But it was able to defeat Liao Ying with more than 20 strokes before defeating the battle.。What danger is there,It’s not so good for your kid to give me a look!”
Where people are,Not to mention this place with six doors。
Although the hunting head is the eighth class of Qingmu County,The status is higher than the average head catcher,Don’t talk about head catchers who are more advanced than him, please don’t move,He won’t be pleased to catch a head catcher equal to him。
As for those 9th-rank head catchers lower than him,It’s mostly first-class,Bringing to Qingfeng Village has a wool effect。
Of course he can’t say these things directly to Chen Xiu,Tell Chen Xiu directly:“I just want to hire a bodyguard with outstanding combat strength,Can stop me at the critical moment!”