Slim woman must eat 9 kinds of slimming food

“The heart of beauty, everyone has it”, especially for women, to stay healthy, slim body is the root of the pursuit of beauty.

How to do it well and eat healthy and maintain a good body has always been the goal that many women are constantly pursuing.

The latest issue of Body Line magazine recommended nine healthy foods to help women maintain a slim, well-balanced body.


“Thin” steaks Many nutrition experts recommend that people eat less red meat, but beef should be an exception.

Beef protein protein, iron and B vitamins, and the most nutritious is the kind of meat that is more lean and fed entirely by grass.

(When you make beef, add a little spice such as pepper, which can greatly reduce the carcinogens caused by high temperature.


Curcumin in curry curry is an antioxidant that inhibits the growth of tumors in the body and destroys cancer cells.

(Curry powder and broccoli, cabbage and other foods together can greatly enhance the anti-cancer ability of curcumin.

) 3.

Pistachio pistachios contain vitamin B6 and copper to enhance the vitality of the body.

Studies have shown that eating a lot of pistachios a day can help lower blood lipids.

(Buy sugar-free shelled nuts.

In the process of shelling, you can clearly indicate how much you have eaten, so it is not easy to overdose.

) 4.

Coffee American Nutrition Society experts believe that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer and liver cancer.

They also believe that antioxidants in coffee protect body cells and DNA from damage.

Scientists at Harvard University in the United States have also found in a new study that women who drink coffee every day are not prone to high blood pressure.

(If you’re worried that drinking too much coffee can affect your sleep, you can drink some decaffeinated coffee, which still has antioxidants and can do the same.


Oatmeal British scientists have found that one of the simplest and most effective ways to lower cholesterol is to eat oatmeal every day.

The fiber contained in the oatmeal forms a gel that effectively reduces the body’s absorption of cholesterol.

Also, people who eat oatmeal for breakfast can stay plenty in the morning and eat less than others at lunch.

(When choosing oatmeal, try low sugar.

If you love sweets, try adding a little antioxidant-resistant fruit to the oatmeal.


Shrimp is a non-fecal, high-protein health food that also has anti-cancer substances such as selenium and vitamin D.

It is generally believed that shrimp has a high cholesterol content, but in fact, shrimp contains cholesterol that does not increase cholesterol in human blood.

A study by Rockefeller University in the United States showed that eating a small amount of shrimp a day can improve the body’s “good cholesterol.”

(If you can’t buy fresh shrimp, go to the supermarket and buy frozen.

Washing with water before eating shrimp will take 40% of the sodium and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

) 7.

Dark chocolate dark chocolate has flavonoids, the latest research shows that eating a small amount of dark chocolate can prevent arterial embolism and reduce the risk of heart disease.

In addition, eating chocolate can release the complex amines in the blood, which helps to regulate mood.

(When buying dark chocolate, choose those that contain at least 60% cocoa powder.

If you can eat with calcium tablets, it would be better.

)8.Cherry A recent study by the University of Michigan found that eating cherries lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

A 2006 study also found that people who drank 2 cups of cherry juice and exercised for 8 days a day were less likely to develop muscle soreness than those who drank water.

(In addition to eating fruit, you can also put the cherries in the freezer of the refrigerator to make a healthy “ice cream” and take it out at any time.


Tomato-red tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease; orange tomatoes have a lycopene content that is double the red tomato.

A glass of orange tomato juice can satisfy the demand for vitamin A for one day.

(Orange yellow tomatoes and red tomatoes are best to eat.

Because lycopene is a fat-soluble substance, if you add some olive oil when eating, it can promote its absorption.