Teach you a simple and practical set of passive exercises

There are many ways to touch your baby. It is suitable for passive exercises for infants under 6 months. It is easy to learn and helps your baby move to all major joints.

  Passive exercises are divided into 8 measures, and each measure can be done with two 8 beats: the first measure, hands crossed on the chest: let the baby’s little hand hold the mother’s thumb, open, cross on the chest, and then open,Cross on the chest . Repeat two 8 beats like this.

  The second section, the style of reducing the refractive index: also let the baby’s little hand hold the mother’s thumb, and follow the sequence of lifting a pair-up-flat-down.

  The third quarter, around the shoulder: first surround the baby’s left shoulder, the mother’s left hand is holding the baby’s left shoulder, the right hand gently holding the baby’s left arm, and do the frequency of 4 beats around the circle.

When the baby is on the right shoulder, the opposite is true.

  In the fourth quarter, according to the instep style: the mother’s left hand gently supports the baby’s foot; the thumb of the right hand presses the baby’s small instep, and the other four fingers hold the baby’s foot, pressing once with two beats.

  In the fifth section, the legs are lifted up: The mother must cover the baby’s knees with both hands and lift the baby’s legs up.

  In the sixth quarter, the legs are alternately exercised: The mother’s two hands gently hold the baby’s two little feet, so that the baby’s two legs are bent like a bicycle, and the knees are lifted alternately.

  Section 7, Jumping: According to multiple mothers, this is a favorite action for babies.

The mother’s hands are held under the baby’s arm, let the baby stand on the mother’s leg, and then lift the baby according to the frequency, and then lower it, as if the baby is jumping.

  Eighth, finishing exercise: After finishing the seven exercises above, the baby is a bit tired, so it is time to rest.

The finishing movement is basically similar to the second quarter, but the movement frequency should be slower.