NBA5v5 live broadcast platform introduction nba5v5 live video viewing platform
nba5v5 live broadcast address, nba5v5 live video viewing.The second NBA 5v5-five-person elite basketball game will be held on August 19-20 in Beijing Wukesong Huaxi live competition for the last branch, when the NBA San Antonio Spurs core, the finals are the most valuablePlayer Kawhi Leonard will appear on the scene with Patrick McCaw, a member of the Champions Warriors last season.  As the Spurs star, Leonard won the 2013-2014 championship and won the finals MVP, becoming the third youngest player to win the finals MVP.In the past three seasons, Leonard has not only been selected as the best defensive player for the first time, but also twice won the defensive player of the year.In the previous two years, he was also selected for the All-Star starting lineup and the first team of the year.Although only 26 years old, Leonard is now one of the superstars who can lead the league.  As a member of the defending champion Golden State Warriors last season, rookie McCaw’s growth is obvious to all.In addition to the two NBA stars, cheerleaders and mascots from the Cleveland Cavaliers will also bring the original performance and interaction on the NBA field to the game.At the same time, the organizer has carefully set up a number of basketball entertainment activities to meet the needs of different fans.  Compared with the first competition, this competition involves a wider area and more participating teams.There are four branches in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Beijing. The champion and runner-up of each branch will receive tickets for the National Finals held in Shanghai on September 2.It is reported that the top two teams in the NBA 5v5 game last year will participate in the competition in Beijing Station, the wonderful degree of the game can be seen.  Live broadcast platform: 1. Tencent video 2, CCTV53, Baidu search jrs   The above is all the content introduced by the editor!