When the white fish belly appears to the east,Xia Jian crawled on the desk tiredly and fell asleep。At this time Guan Tingna walked in hoarsely,She saw that Xia Jian was tired like this,So he quickly took off his coat and put it on Xia Jian’s body。
The sky is getting bright,But dark clouds are surging in the sky,This is an unusual thing。Xia Jian woke up in shock,When he stood up abruptly,Found him covered with Guan Tingna’s coat,Guan Tingna holds her shoulders with her hands,Standing in a daze at the window。
“Really embarrassed!I never thought I fell asleep”
Xia Jian quickly took off Guan Tingna’s coat on him,Put it on her shoulders。Tell the truth,When Xia Jian woke up, when he saw his clothes,He was really moved。
Guan Tingna turned her head,Said with a sweet smile at Xia Jian:“The situation is not optimistic,It feels like a heavy rain”
Xia Jian walked to the window,He opened the window gently,I found that the wind is much smaller。He looked up at the sky,He couldn’t help saying:“It’s winter, what heavy rain?”
“President Xia!I just went out to buy breakfast for everyone,But all the shops are closed,I heard from the taxi driver on the road,Many houses in the north of the city were lifted up,Many people have no shelter”
Li Yue ran in from outside,She said breathlessly。
Xia Jian was stunned and said:“Immediately gather all the security guards,And young people from the company gathered in the square。Judging from the current situation,No possibility of heavy rain,But this is still possible under Blizzard。Our red construction company,We must invest in disaster relief as soon as possible”
“Good manager Xia!I will arrange”
Li Peng said and ran away。
Guan Tingna took a breath and said:“Pingdu City has encountered a catastrophe not seen in a century,Our Hongjian Group can take the lead,Where do you think we should start”