“Bailing classmates,I wish you a good result in the competition!”
“Hahaha,The video is so interesting!Zhang Song,You must be watching Lu Yi successfully confess the goddess,Want to learn,is not it?It seems,Our dormitory is about to hold an order-free training class,one class100Bucks,Estimated to be able to make a profit。”Dong Ge said with a smile。
“Is not,I……”Zhang Song accidentally swiped the phone,A live interview video appeared on the screen。
“Goddess of Bailing, is your body better??Why did you decide to leave the hospital early?”Asked the campus reporter Xiaoju。
“It’s too deserted here,The doctor said nothing,I want to go home and rest……”
“Lark goddess,One more good news,Singer Contest,You won the first prize,And the number of clicks on the song singing video has broken through30Ten thousand!”
“thank you,No prizes,I don’t care about being famous……Maybe the high click volume is because of Yumi’s sister……”
“There is one last question,Maybe most classmates are very concerned now,Experienced the confession of the singer contest last night,Are you with Lu Yi male god??”Xiaoju finally asked the key question。
“Together,we are doing well,Thank you all for your concern!”
Prelude-newborn Chapter 21 Basketball game
Anna Cao throws away the chopsticks in her hand,The takeaway that I ordered after waking up immediately stops fragrant。
“Lu Yi, an unscrupulous fellow!Pay for the breakfast I gave……”Cao Anna thought:“But who told me to tell Lu Yi last night,‘I will never come back after I go!’But he didn’t have the face and skin to send food to other couples?Anna Cao, you are too cheap!”