Lottery | Ji Zhe never left, fight for him tonight!
Beijing News News On the evening of December 8th and 10th, the Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team will sit in Wukesong to face the Shenzhen and Guangzhou teams respectively.The game on the evening of December 8 was also the first home game of Shougang after Ji Zhe’s death. At that time, there will be a series of links to commemorate Ji Zhe.(Details >> Sunday Shougang farewell to Ji Zhe) In order to give back to readers’ attention and support, the Beijing News Sports Channel and the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club sent out tickets for these two games (the specific games are allocated by the Beijing News Sports Channel).The list of winning users has been released!As of 10 a.m. on December 8, at the ticket delivery | Shougang consecutive home battle, come to Wukesong to bid farewell to Ji Zhe article comments 4 top comment users received two tickets, the winning user ID is as follows: the ball isWorld 131 **** 4104150 **** 8431halo invites the winning readers to obtain the ticket collection method through the official newsletter of the Beijing News Sports (ID: Beijing News Sports).The deadline for private messages is 14 o’clock on December 8th. If not contacted, it will be considered as a voluntary abandonment.