2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers Warriors first-hand used air tickets to create a history of 360,000 tickets
On June 5th, Beijing time, according to ESPN reports, Golden State Warriors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers is undoubtedly a very anticipated final.Today, the first match between the two sides will start in Oakland, and the ticket for this game in the second-hand market has hit a record high in the history of the NBA Finals.The ticket price of the first game of the Finals was hotly speculated. According to the data of the Warriors official second-hand ticket website Ticketmaster: the average price of G1 in the finals reached 1023 US dollars, and another ticket website StubHub showed 1535 US dollars.  This price is almost $1,000 higher than the fare for the first game of the NBA Finals in the past four years.What’s even more shocking is that the used air tickets for the side seats of this game have been fired to a staggering US$58,000, equivalent to RMB 360,000.  It is reported that last year’s Heat and Spurs final G1, the average second-hand interval was only 460 US dollars, a record low over the past five years; 2013 Heat and Spurs final G1, the average second-hand ticket was 558 US dollars.  Moving forward, the average final used ticket price for the 2012 Heat and Thunder G1 was $655.In the 2011 Heat and Mavericks finals G1, the average second-hand ticket was $486.  Since the tickets in the second-hand market this year are significantly more than in the past, after the finals will officially kick off today, it is not expected to decline.(Rosen)