Exquisite goose face with a good look,It is a feeling of a stunning feeling.。
This kind of high-cooling sister’s wind with Zhang Aitian has formed a distinct contrast.。
“Hello,I just Li Hui Feng,Excuse me, what do you find me??”
I heard Li Hui’s words,The high-cooled face is also revealing a smile.。
This time, this smile seems to make everything is the same.。
“Hello,My name is Baiyue Star,I think you should know that I am looking for you.?”
Li Hui, listen to this,It’s also laughing.。
“You are the big boss of the kimch country that Su Da Ge said.?
We have called before talking,I feel that you have a little cold.,After seeing people today,I found that I have to be cold than I think.,I will introduce you to it.,This is Zhang Ai Tian from the island.,She also wants to buy strawberries”Introduction to Li Hui Feng,Baiyue Star is also holding hands with Zhang Ai Tian.。
Take each other,Baiyun Star directly looks directly to Li Hui,Laugh:“how?
Do you want us to lift the price of each other??”
The opening of Baiyue Star allowed Li Hui Rong。
At the same time, Zhang Aitian also looked at Li Hui Feng.。
After all, she didn’t expect that there is still a third person to compete with her.,Others don’t know where strawberry,She knows clearly。
“Yup,Lee Boss,what do you mean?”
Chapter 878 Flavor
Seeing Zhang Ai Tian is also a tone of a question.,Li Hui is not hilarious.:“Means nothing,The price is the same price,Let’s discuss together.,After all, you are all introduced to me.,I can’t always give strawberries only.?”
Li Hui also didn’t expect that two people will encounter together.,And still this occasion。
But I can’t say it very trust for the two people.,The intention of the beginning is completely designed according to the price given by the two.,By the way, I can see if the two can’t lie to him.。
But now this,I am afraid all the previous plans to bubble.。
The second woman listened to Li Hui, this is also a glimpse.。
“Unspeakable,Su Boss introduces you how much you want to divide the strawberry out??”
Baiyue Star, let Li Hui’s brow are also wrinkled.。
“White boss,I think you are misunderstood.,Although I have a good relationship with Su big brother?,But I heard that you will agree with the boss in different countries, respectively.,If you are absolutely not promised to any one in the same country。”
“Another point I hope you can understand,Strawberry is mine,I have the right to handle,I am trusting two,Also wanting a trusted bridge between us,So I will let two meet together。”
“I don’t trust two,I can accept you separately.,By the way, I can also guess that I have a collaboration with you. I don’t have a loss.,But I don’t have that,I hope you trust me.,My strawberries are only for you and there is Su big brother.。”
“Going out, others don’t have the channel of my strawberry.,I said like this.,I think two can understand.?”
Li Hui’s words,Let the original aggressive Baiyue Star are also somewhat。
Even her feel that Li Hui said that there is no mistake.,Instead, it is quite reasonable.。
“Ok,Ok,For you smart,Since Xiaobai Sister is also,Then discuss the price of strawberry prices we will purchase for the first time.。”
I heard Zhang Ai Tian.,Bumblestone is also a rare exposed flexible face.。