But this one way,A bit risky。”
“any solution?”
Lin Yu,While hearing this。
Find,Own body,It’s hot,seem,Is there something,Like burning yourself。
but,I can’t stop these burning things。
“of course,Take this treasure,Refining。”
“just,Want to refine,Must go out,Kill each other,Grab this thing。”
“but,You just can’t get out now。”
“and so,You have to attract the other person in。
It is best to use the same,The other party saw,Will be excited,Rushed in to grab something。”
“if not,We can only be killed by the other party。”
Spirit of Time,Sigh。
“Something the other person will be attracted to?”
Lin Yu’s mind,Thought for a while。
Don’t wait for the spirit of time to react,Take this pearl of time,Take it out directly。
then,In front of this person,Look at the Pearl of Time。
Open road:“Since I want to hang here,Then,Even if i die,Won’t let others get yours。”
Finished,Just hard,Plan to crush this pearl of time。
“I fuck,You bastard thing。”
Spirit of Time,Never speak foul language。
This is the spirit of time,Said for the first time。
One talk,Yelled。
Let Lin Yu bring out something to attract each other。
But this Lin Yu took himself out。
“Time Bead。”
The person above,See what Lin Yu holds。
moment,I got excited。
because,Time is so powerful,I know it very well。
and,The source of this time pearl,Better than my own,More history。
“No way,This thing,Can’t let this man ruin。”
People outside,Think of this one,first timing,Just rushed in。