If it is really a teratoma torsion,Then a diagnosis should be treated as soon as possible,Therefore, it is very important to its early diagnosis.!
Generally, abdomen andYTao ultrasound examination has high sensitivity and specificity on ovarian mature cyclic teratoma,If you don’t do it, you will do the pelvic cavity.CTan examination。
But the emergency considerations Xie Xiaohui is still a student problem.,Not doingYRoadBSuper。
http://www.rkhvk.cn “Is there any possible teratoma?,you say,Military brother。”Zhou Ye went to the annex area of emergencyBovertake,Ready to look at the content again……
Sun Jun pushed the chair and sat next to Zhou Ye.:“Hard to say,However, even if it is really a teratoma,You are notYRoadBIt’s not easy to see it.,Anyway, I don’t have this level.。”
“Because the patient’s tumor is a single homogeneity,Fat,Fat is high signal and intestinal tube in ultrasound to distinguish。”
Sun Jun said,But still can’t help but stare on the computer screen.。
Zhou Yewu is thinking about Sun Jun,In fact, he said that it does not fake.!
If the true ovarian cystic teratoma,That is mostly strong echo,Similar to the bowel echo,Mixed in the intestine is not easy to identify,Easy confusion,It is not easy to find abdominal ultrasound,More thanYDiscovery!
http://www.fzxcgcmy.cn Ovarian sac teratogenic blood flow characteristics is less blood flow or no blood signal,It is extremely difficult to show blood flow signals on the interior and envelope.,According to this feature, it can be identified as other mixed mass.!
Zhou Ye,Heartway:“This Nima ultrasound, I can see a meal.。”
And the ultrasonic instruments look a bit,The critical is always very vague。
In fact, when checking,It is necessary to pay special attention to some ovarian teratoma in part.,Even teratoma in peritoneal gap,The ovarian teratoma in this site can cause the iliac blood vessel to move forward or backward,Ultimate missed diagnosis。
“Why,Doctor Zhou Da,Are you a whole tumor??”Sun Jun said in a joke。
Zhou Ye wondered,Into a helpless in my eyes。
My mother wants to understand,Still regulate a fart,I will do the director directly.!
And you can do the ultrasound director.!
“Give some comments,Otherwise, we have some fried rice.。”Sun Jun still wants to hear the views and opinions of Zhou Yewu。
In fact, he also regards Zhou Ye as a medical successor.。
Tianfeng’s future is still a talent of Wusi.。
Zhou Ye I thought,Lock your eyebrows,Finally spit out your own opinion:“I suggest it invitilation of the high-income doctor of the gynecology.,Then doYTaoism,If you have no blood coagulation,Repeated abdominal pain in combination with patient sex,Diagnose yellow body rupture。”
“otherwise,Diagnosis highly considered acute ulteritis appendicitis,Then improve the abdomenCTScan check to further understand,abdomenCTCheck simultaneous except for digestive tract perforation。”
“As for the pathology……”2
NS239chapter Do you need a performance?
Waiting for takeaway,Zhou Ye began to continue to think about Xie Xiaohui’s condition。
He feels that a patient with acute abdominal pain,To consider and except for ectopic pregnancy、Breeze、Ovarian cyst torsion、Gynecological emergence such as fallopian tube!
These considerations will not be wrong,But the symptoms and existing inspections,Probability seems to have some low!
“Do you really want to puncture?,Or are there possible to consider tumors?,Do you have a pathology?。”Zhou Ye is sitting in front of the computer,Self-speaking belief in the electronic case of Xie Xiaohui。
Sun Jun heard it aside,Special pathology,He listened to laughing。
A abdominal pain patient can go to the tumor direction,This is actually not the sky,But a kind of jumping thinking,It seems that it is not logical,In fact, it can’t completely exclude!
This may be possible to make a doctor’s talent.。
Most people have heard the abdominal pain.,Acute abdomen,It is a doctor who can tell a bunch.,But saying that the tumor to chronic disease is then taken into the tumor.,This is what you can say is to do a doctor.!
Woman says that this kind of thing is the third sense,Consciously!
But in the medical field,This is the naked talent。
Many old doctors are easily ignored these seemingly diseased http://www.tianlaiba.cn diseases.,
Zhou Ye slides the mouse,The expression also followed by a single test list,Gradually become more dignified。
Seeing the last eyes becomes dull and desperate。
Xie Xiaohui under the abdominal tenderness,Occasionally there is anti-jump,Is to consider gynecological symmers and surgery。