A few days ago, the TV series "Dream Blue Sky" in my country’s first aviation industry is ushered in.

As the first frontal picture, the "Dream Blue Sky" has reproduced the development of my country’s aviation industry through the 70 years of development and the brilliant achievements of the 70 years of aviation industry through the three-generations of aviations. The aviation spirit of pursuing with the mission of nostalgia – "Loyalty Dedication, Dream Blue Sky".

"The Air Newsland is the mission, not honor. The aviation strong country is ready to choose, optional better.

"The people in the drama have broken the aviation industry must develop strong inner reasons. From the opening of the country, the plane" fly twice ", the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, 34 models of 166 models were all developed by China. If the eagle is long-haired, the China Aviation Industry has experienced the difficult processes of imitation, developing, creating, based on realistic creation, let the audience shock. From the dream of dreaming, from fantasy flying to various models At the time of the attack, the Chinese people have been in the past thousands of years because of the struggle of the aircraft. "The country weighing the country," this is about China Aviation’s ambition. Lingyun.

From the beginning to the end, a unknone who is not convinced that it is not convinced of a new Chinese aviation industry.

What we see is the long space, we can’t see the hard work in front of the buried case and the workshop. The aviation adventures are stringing for the country, and for the national rejuvenation, the aviation will be a good fortune to fight for the dream.

After the back of myself, it is a strong confidence of the idealistic persistence of the pride of the day.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the focus on the aviation industry, express the aviation adheres to the initial heart, "Dream Blue Sky" did not ignore the families who have been with them.

This silently made a bad "small person", away from the spotlight, but the blue sky behind the hero is a key force that supports the airplania spine.

It can be said that there is no understanding of the understanding of the family members, and there is no aviation people who have no aviation and dedication.

Survey to the blue sky, the sky is in the heart.

Dreaming blue sky, the initial heart is flying, the dream of the strong object is also inherited, waiting for a generation of young people to renew the new chapter. (Editor: Tong Zong Li, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.