2016 Snooker National Championship final video video Selby 10-1 horizontal sweep Ding Junhui
On October 30th, in the final of the 2016/2017 Snooker National Championships (with: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + contestants against the list / signing form), Chinese famous Ding Junhui failedPlaying a good feel for the Air Force, the first stage fell behind 1-8, and the second stage Selby won two consecutive games, and finally swept Ding Junhui with a big score of 10-1.Selby won his ninth career championship and also became the first post-80s Grand Slam player.  Ding Junhui gradually improved in the current National Championships, 2-5 behind in the qualifying game and a four-game winning streak, 6-5 lore Mann, after entering the main game, 6-1 defeated Grace, 6-2 defeated Stevens,Wasting three match points, a 6-5 lore against Wharton, followed by a six-game winning streak to beat Higgins, after sweeping Trump 4-9, scoring again in the national championship finals after winning the 2013 championship.In the end, Ding Junhui’s opponent will be Selby. After the World Championships and the Shanghai Masters, the two met in the finals of the ranking for the third time in 2016.2016 Snooker International Championship final video Ding Junhui vs Selby in the first game of the first stage, Selby did not score a missed goal. After Ding Junhui scored a red ball in the bottom bag, the cue ball plunged into the red ball pile for himselfSnooker was formed.Ding Junhui solved the black ball error penalty and missed the ball, Selby seized the opportunity to fight into the bottom pocket red ball to start again, and then scored 80+ consecutive points to win the 1-0 lead in this game.  In the second game, Ding Junhui once scored a red ball on the bench, but then the black ball did not enter the bottom bag and locked the bag. After passing the player, he decided to re-swing the ball.Ding Junhui once again made a long bench attack, this time failed to score and left a pocket scoring. After Selby easily started, he scored 83 points in a single shot and won this game, leading 2-0.  In the third game, Selby failed to score, and Ding Junhui found a combination ball to get off the ball. After scoring 47 points in a row, the ball was not scored.Selby also interrupted after scoring 37 points. Ding Junhui then unsuccessfully K posted the yellow ball, the game again turned to defense.Ding Junhui snooker forced Selby to miss the long table, Ding Junhui then attacked and attacked the yellow ball to the penalty table, Selby cleared the table and won this game 3-0 lead.  In the fourth game, after kick-off, the black ball locked the bottom of the bottom pocket, and then the red ball was gradually hit near the pocket. After nearly 30 minutes of defensive struggle, the two decided to re-swing the ball in this round.After the reopening, Selby lost the top bag red ball 12-1, Ding Junhui did not enter the leak, and the red ball did not enter the stop pocket after Selby 58-1 led.Then Ding Junhui started chasing points, and started to compete on the green ball after 45-58.Ding Junhui presumed that Snooker forced Selby to miss the ball, Ding Junhui cleared the stage and won the game, 1-3 behind.  After a 15-minute break, Ding Junhui missed the penalty in the 5th inning and directly missed the ball. When Selby was about to overshoot after 71-0, the red ball called for a mistake and chose to defend.Ding Junhui then started to score 12 points and interrupted. Ding Junhui made a snooker in the safety ball. Selby made a solution to score the red ball directly and then scored the black ball to score the game. 4-1 lead.  In the 6th game, Ding Junhui took the lead to fight into the bench and failed to reach the ball pile to choose defense when playing the green ball.Selby then got a wonderful long bench to get started, scored 23 points and interrupted, Ding Junhui safety ball cue ball shakes the bottom bag and misses the ball, Selby lost the bottom bag red ball after 68-5 overpoint.Ding Junhui tried to chase points, but after scoring a red ball, he failed to call for the ball. He was behind and had to give up the game. Selby extended the lead 5-1.  In the 7th game, Selby made a safe ball error. Ding Junhui scored a red ball and called for a black ball error.Ding Junhui won the mobile phone meeting in the safety ball competition, after the lead of 29-4, Changtai attacked the red ball error.Selby then continued to be brilliant, and the attack scored 66 consecutive points to form a super score.The last red ball competed, and Selby scored again with a precision bench, taking a 6-1 lead in this round.  In the eighth inning, the game was tied in this inning. Selby surpassed the excellent defense and upper hand and made a consecutive snooker. Ding Junhui missed the ball and missed three shots. Selby then took another shot and scored a super score.In this game, 7-1 lead.  In the last game of the first stage, Selby started on the bench. After 19-0, the red ball of the bottom bag failed to score. Ding Junhui missed the red ball and missed the ball again. Selby then established a 69-0Excessive advantage.After Ding Junhui hit the red ball, the black bag in the middle of the bag did not enter and gave up the game. In the first stage, Selby led the score by 8-1 and led Ding Junhui. Previous page12Next page