“do not talk,Big brother,Master Hua is getting in the car!”
“Ok,Ok……”Lirenjian put away the complaint,Actually he doesn’t do anything else,Just because it’s empty“Huaxi Team”Good salary,But I can’t play an important game and worry……
As for Hua Wuxiang’s eyes,What he hired heavily can be summed up in two words——Beater,What he needs is their ability,But not responsible for their youth,Because of the money,High-level charity,Contains humanitarianism in capital。
system notification:“Y11‘Kill’North Star.Ze!”
Just stepped on the off-road vehicle with one foot,Hua Wuxiang, who wanted to wait for the opening of the show, received the announcement of the end of the show.。
“Fucking!What the hell?King Sun Yan can’t stop this person!”
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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Build a beam
Cao Anna rode Lu Yi on her motorcycleTPoint wind stone。
“Why don’t you let me drive?”Lu Yi asked in the back seat of the car。
“Because i’m a speed woman!You see, driving in the game actually feels the same as in real life,The new game is amazing!”Anna Cao replied。
“Isn’t it funny?”
“Ok,Since you promised to protect me,Naturally, I am not too thick-skinned,Leave it to me!”Cao Anna smiled and said to Lu Yi。
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”