On September 2, the Autonomous Region Federation held the 2021 "trade union class" in Shizishan City, the "trade union class", and distributed help of "trade union classes" student representatives. In recent years, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions combines with the Fuzhi, attaches great importance to the Jinqiu help work in difficult workers, "trade union class" golden autumn support activities have been carried out more than 10 years, both of the union of poverty alleviation , Inspirational into a brand engineering, is also a people’s heart project to solve difficulties in the child’s children.

The "trade union class" has thrively causing the efforts of unions at all levels in the whole district, and it is also inseparable from the care of all walks of life. Nanjing Securities Co., Ltd. has donated 7.5 million yuan for the difficult workers in the district. In 2020, it is 2020 yuan to help "trade union classes" students.

Up to now, the "trade union class" of the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions has put into funds 36.72 million yuan, helping 10,000 students complete high school education, and the four levels of trade unions in the whole district have raised funds 38.7 million yuan, and thousands of students have a university dream.

In April 2021, the Autonomous Region Federation of Exchange was named "Excellence Advanced Collective" in the whole district. In May of the same year, he was rated as "National Trade Union and the Advanced Collective". Zhang Shenglin, China Federation of Trade Unions, was rated "National" Urban difficulties and unfamiliar people. "

On the same day, Ningxia Art League Liyi Culture Arts Co., Ltd., Ningxia Choose Lin Bird Network Technology Co., Ltd. gave a sense of inspirational paper-cutting art and learning education cards for help students.

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