There is only one version of “The Killing” ending, “It is true freedom to surrender”
Produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Ke Wenli, Xiao Yang, Tan Zhuo, Chen Chong, Jiang Haowen, Qin Pei and other drama crime film “Manslaughter” has been released nationwide on December 13, before the deadline for the film, the film was released at the box office for 5 days2.83 billion, Douban score 7.7 points, both at the box office and word of mouth, are among the best in the movie of the same period.This result is very exciting for the first director of the feature film, Ke Wenli. He did not expect such a good result, but he believes in the aesthetic of the mainland audience. After watching the movie, there will be some word of mouth.The film was remade from the Indian film “The Manslaughter” (the film is also remade from the earlier Indian film “Budget”), which tells the story of the father who used the anti-detection techniques learned in the film to offend his family in order to protect his daughter.In the adaptation, while maintaining the basic framework of the original work, the director has also made changes in many details, which is more in line with the Chinese aesthetics and the expression of the image language is more abundant.However, some plots also puzzled the audience and ended the implantation of his father ‘s surrender a little bit. Chen Chong ‘s line “Check me his movie viewing record for one year” made many audiences laugh, and an exclusive interview with Sauna.comThe director of the film, Ke Wenli, answered questions for the audience on some details in the film.There are no other considerations for the ending. At the end of the Indian version of “The Manslaughter”, his father succeeded in revenge without knowing the law and sanctioned him.The Chinese version of “The Manslaughter” was published quite widely. Li Weijie, played by Xiao Yang, finally surrendered himself. This ending was a unanimous decision of director Ke Wenli and six screenwriters and producer Chen Sicheng. It did not consider the ending of other versions.Many viewers believe that the ending of this crime is due to the consideration of domestic release. Director Ke Wenli said that this is entirely a creative reason. “We want to discuss more, not only to make the audience feel good.Li Weijie, played by Xiao Yang, surrendered to the police car with a smile after he surrendered. At that moment, it was actually his true freedom. This is what we wanted to say in the movie.The amount of logical information is too rough. In the lost film, Li Weijie confuses the memories of all the witnesses with the method of strengthening memory, which obscures the time of the incident. Some viewers feel that the film is not logically strict enough.The director believes that the movie is extremely informative. If the audience watches it only once, some details may be lost. “When we edited ourselves, the logic was very clear.”For the first time, Li Weijie went to Luotong alone because he wanted to repair the network. Second, after the manslaughter, Li Weijie took the whole family on a trip to Luotong. The third time, the family went to Luotong again to talk with witnesses and brainwash them.””The group drama boxing competition found more than 2,000 group dramas. Several large group dramas were particularly difficult to shoot. One scene was a Muay Thai Pavilion. It was a scene set on a ruin. The director said that they had found more than 2,000 from Thailand.Famous group performers, Thai real boxers who are also looking for boxers, “whether boxing is more beautiful than a real boxer.”Another highlight is the rain scene of digging graves. This scene must be filmed in three and a half days. Almost all the main actors are here. Scheduling is more difficult. “The ground is very muddy.Here, the staff is particularly inconvenient to move. ” The lenses were upgraded to use a lot of montages to create contrast films. Some Muay Thai fights and wife and daughter violated violence. The police forced confessions and Li Weijie trained the family to deal with the parallel cut shots. These were designed by the director at the stage of the script. “We want to enrich the whole story with rich audiovisual language. “In the scene of digging graves, the director used an expanded upgrade lens to shoot several protagonists. The reason why he chose this lens language is that the director wants to create a contrasting motion, “You have to render an emotion and shoot the face with the upgrade.The outline, through the rain, presents the subtle expressions on each person’s face. The rain is moving, but the person is still. A large contrast will create a completely different atmosphere.The “Checking the Recording Record” in the laughing place touched the sergeant La Yun played by Chen Chong in the fan film. From Li Weijie’s like to watch the movie to find a breakthrough, he asked “check my record of watching the movie for a year.”This line of speech has attracted a lot of audiences in the theater, and the director does not understand the laughter. According to the idea of “when you have watched more than 1,000 movies, there is no strange thing in the world”, checkLooking at the movie record, “I think it’s quite reasonable, no problem.Douban netizens may feel that they are fans, this sentence may be closer to them, they may laugh because they feel touched.”The ending Qin Pei’s last smile means that the film finally, as the old friend who once testified to Li Weijie-Qin Pei, was asked by reporters how to treat Li Weijie as a person. Qin Pei did not say a word to the camera.Only a smile appeared at the end.This shot is reminiscent of the scene where Song Kanghao faced the lens at the end of “Memories of Murder”.For this shot, the director said he wanted to leave some blank space for the audience.Song En initially believed that Li Weijie was a good person, but in the end the truth was clear, he actually had a different idea, “The good people we see are not necessarily good people, and the bad people are not necessarily absolute bad people.Many times it depends on which side we stand on, so the final outcome is also some reflection that we hope to give the audience.”Li Weijie’s movie record” The Redemption of Shawshank “(1994)” The Most Important Film “mentioned in” The Manslaughter “. At the beginning of the film, the story of the escape from Li Weijie is a direct tribute to” Redemption by Shawshank “.Sentence classic lines.After the accidental killing of “Montage” (2013), Li Weijie planned to hide from the sky. The first movie to be revisited was the Korean movie “Montage”.Not long ago, Wang Qianyuan and the domestic film “You Are the Killer” starring Song Jia were remade from the film.”The Prosecution Witness” (1957) This film is Billy Wild’s classic court suspense film. The film also designed a sophisticated crime trap. The second movie Li Weijie revisited when thinking about the plan was “The Prosecution Witness”.”Genius Gunslinger” (2017) Li Weijie’s family went to Luotong to watch a Thai movie in a theater, telling the story of cheating by talented students who were filmed by spy warfare.A Danish film mentioned in Li Weijie’s viewing list in “Hunting” (2012), the protagonist has been wronged for not being convicted, and the Douban score is as high as 9.1.The film mentioned in the list of “Watching the Night” by Li Weijie is originally a novel of the same name by the Japanese reasoning writer Keigo Higashino. South Korea and Japan made a film in 2009 and 2010 respectively.An American film mentioned in the list of Li Weijie’s movie “Seven Deadly Sins” (1995) is a classic suspense thriller film directed by David Finch, which has created a series of murder stories with vibrant thoughts.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Qiaoyang proofread Zhao Lin