“No way,Just show me,I can’t wait“Wang Youcai said,A bit domineering tore Ma Hongfang’s underwear,Pressed her down on the wall。Wang Youcai, who has lost his mind, doesn’t care about anything,He only knows to vent his*。
Ma Hongfang shed tears anxiously,But no matter how she struggles,But Wang Youcai just won’t let go,All because she is too weak。
Gradually,Ma Hongfang just let it go,She has taken care of so much,Blame yourself for gambling,Know such a person,And brought him home。
More than ten minutes later,Wang Youcai left Ma Hongfang’s body panting,He smiled greedily:“It’s so fucking exciting,You are really a vixen“This guy said,I started putting on clothes on one side。
Ma Hongfang wiped away the tears,I quickly found two clothes,Put it on him indiscriminately。They walked out of the bedroom together,The scene before us,Ma Hongfang yelled in surprise。It turned out that there was a middle-aged man about forty years old in the living room,He has a kitchen knife in his hand。
Wang Youcai was also taken aback,Didn’t this man go out??Could it be him Found that Ma Hongfang had brought the wild man back,He deliberately pretended to be,Are you trying to attract Wang Youcai to show up??
“Son of a bitch,The bully also bullied me,Why are you messing around outside,I do not know either,But since it’s here today,You have to leave something,Otherwise you really treat me as a sick cat“What man said,He brought a kitchen knife and forced him over to Wang Youcai。
Ma Hongfang sees it,She said with a trembling voice:Liu Baocheng!We have no feelings for a long time,So today i do,Actually nothing to you“
“You slut,Can say something like this,If I didn’t compete with others for the position of director,I’ve already left you“Liu Baocheng said,Pushing away Ma Hongfang,Facing Wang Youcai with a fierce look。
Things have reached this point,Wang Youcai is not afraid,He laughed and said:“Don’t you think about the chief?But if you take this knife,Not only the chief, but also not,And you have to go in。If you are wise,Maybe I can help you,You have to think about it“
“Which green onion are you?Look at your fat pig sample,I won’t kill you today, My last name is Liu“Liu Baocheng clamored,So I’m going up again。
Ma Hongfang cursed coldly:“Actually you are a pig,You dare to move?He is the brother of Mayor Wang,He is also the number one person in our city“
“what?You are the younger brother of Mayor Wang?Why haven’t i heard“Liu Baocheng looked at Wang Youcai with disbelief。Wang Youdao looks so handsome,But it can be described as handsome,But this Wang Cai is much ugly,Can be a brother?
Wang Youcai saw Liu Baocheng disbelief in him,Can’t help but scold:“go away,Laozi is Wang Youcai,Wang Youdao is my real brother,How about I call him to prove?”Wang Youcai is bragging,If Wang Youdao hears that his brother has done this, let him prove it,Then he must skin Wang Youcai。
It’s a pity that Liu Baocheng wants to be an official,As for his wife, he really didn’t care about it。I saw him take out his phone,Suddenly took a photo of Wang Youcai and Ma Hongfang。Then he smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“I hope your words count,If I can’t make it this time,,I went to the city hall to find your brother”
“Hey!This little thing,Just trust me”Wang Youcai said,Suddenly turned around and entered the restroom。This one night,He needs to be convenient。
When he comes out of the bathroom,The shadow of Liu Baocheng is gone。Ma Hongfang was crying and said:“If he really wants to divorce me,You have to support me”