Shen Yingjie wanted to laugh,Holding Xu Wen’s hand and pinched the opponent,The two walk away quickly,After bypassing the huge rock in front,The stone steps all the way up to the top of the mountain。
Agui Temple was built on the top of Aguishan,Quite imposing,Agui’s Mongolian means cave,The main idea is that the temple is built on the mountain,Tudong as a temple。Actually there are several Agui temples in Inner Mongolia,The Agui Temple near Baiyinchagan Town is not large,Belongs to the Tibetan Yellow Sect Lama Temple,But quite historical,Qing Kangxi once personally gave the name“Zenfuku Temple”,Mongolian is Saien Baoyin Pavilion。
Standing on top of the mountain,Blue sky and white clouds overhead,Overlooking the vast prairie,That kind of energetic,It’s not just pride,And admiration for the vast world,Saien Baoying Pavilion is really a good place。
Xu Wen has received it‘Pigeon’Confirmed information,The positions of the two and Zhang Wenda and his wife almost overlap,Can’t be wrong。They pretended to rest by the guardrail,More of them are watching Zhang Wenda who are slowly climbing up the mountain,There are rest tourists around,So it’s not obtrusive。
Zhang Wenda and his wife talked and laughed,From time to time, I look up at the top of the mountain,Mountain climbing seems easy for them,It’s not like someone panting,Up till now, he still looks easy。
They soon got on the platform,The two stopped not far from Xu Wen,I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not.,But Xu Wen felt an invisible pressure,He was secretly surprised,Perform tasks all year round,I have encountered this situation many times,Get close to the target being followed,Even if the opponent is a wicked person,He won’t have such pressure,Damn it?
Zhang Wenda commented on the scenery in front of him,The conversation is very elegant,There is still a hint of scroll,It’s just the breeze blowing,The strong fragrance once again made Shen Yingjie frown。
Soon after,Zhang Wenda and his wife turned and walked into the temple along the stone steps,Looking at their back,Xu Wen is thoughtful,But at this moment,The potentially dangerous nerve in Shen Yingjie’s consciousness tightens again,It’s exactly the same as when I was in Urad Qianqi,But it was definitely not caused by Zhang Wenda。
“I feel that way again。”Shen Yingjie quickly looked around,It’s a pity except for ordinary tourists wandering around,Did not find anything abnormal。
“me too,Stop looking。”Xu Wen responded in a low voice,Take out a pair of sunglasses from your arms and put them on,Immediately handsome,He is the hand of Yingjie Rashin,“go,Let’s go to worship Buddha。”
Entering the gate is a courtyard,In front of the courtyard is the main hall of Agui Temple,Chaokeqin Dugong,Zhang Wenda and his wife were not there,May have gone to the apse,Xu Wen pulls Shen Yingjie to learn how other tourists should worship Buddha,Scented,Make a circle,Also entered the apse from the side door。
“Did you find anything?”Xu Wenwen,The back is also a courtyard,Zhang Wenda and his wife are stopping in front of the hall behind,Paying respect to the golden body。
“No,That feeling disappeared again。”Shen Yingjie is quite confused。
“It seems you feel right。”Xu Wen is next to Shen Yingjie,An intimate look,“Except these two,They should have accomplices,Or not an accomplice,But another group of people are watching us。”
“You mean the guy with the big scorpion?”Shen Yingjie feels the same,Isn’t that a big problem with the tour guide??
“do not know,It’s not easy to draw conclusions now。”Xu Wen secretly shook his head,His mind is much more complicated,Repeatedly ponder the instructor’s warning,Everything must be done in secret,The difficulties that should be overcome must be overcome by all means,Never publicize or reveal identity,So three days ago he went to the County Records Office in Dingbian.?Even though I used my identity as a reporter,But if someone wants to pierce,Easy thing。