Don’t look at the high ocean now,In fact, it is a dangerous egg.。Don’t talk about the threat of Xi Wei Nanliang,Domestic,His brothers,No lying oil lamp。
Xianbei strength headed behind Yan,Stubborn military power,Hold yourself to reform domestic barbes。
He needs a force,Not dealtling at all with other forces,It is impossible to share the power of those people。Gao Bao reminded him,crucial moment,He needs an eye,Errand,Blade。
This boy is really surprised.。
“Yongye,You put these criminal prison in the North Palace,Don’t send back,Don’t say anyone,do you know?”
The face of the high ocean is again switched again,Already become a majestic emperor。
Unlike the lonely industry,Give Gao Baoyi。I saw this 167-year-old young juvenile Lang full of sweat.,The whole person is strong and calm。
After the lone life, you will leave with prisoners and the prince.,Gao Yang went to Gao Baoyi,Help him sorted out the official service that is not fit.。
“go there,I talk to you.。”
Gao Yang refers to a ridiculous rush to the far away.。
The two climbed to the top of the hill,Overlooking the broken wall of the North City,The mood has also become emotionally。
“Go back and write a show to the solitary life,How do you want to train these people?,Let them do everything, give me a look,These people will be handed over.。”
Eh?This is a shrimp?I can’t afford these people.,Besides, I don’t think,What do you want to do??
Gao Bo Yi just wanted to open an example,I listened to the high ocean.:“But the solitary life,Already not big,I am worried that the solitary life will be lowered.,They will get out of my control。
This time, Yucheng Station,I didn’t hear a little moving in advance.,It must be seen that the tiger must have someone who helped me.!
I now let you build a spy separately.,Specially responsible for monitoring all the movements in Yucheng,Including Tiger Wei!”
and many more,I am small,Don’t afford such a major responsibility.!
Gao Baoyi is not good.。
“His Majesty,This is too large,There is no unopened wall in the world.,If some people know this matter,So buying, assassin, definitely like shadow。Minister a person is certainly unbearable。
It is better to establish an organization first,Specially responsible for the anti-city,The goal is to deal with Wei Guo and Liang Guo’s spy。other things,Slowly think about solving。
In this way, the champion is not reacted.。”
Gao Bi is directly put on the pot.。
Because he knows if he is too late to kneel in front of the high ocean,Let the high ocean to cut your head,The emperor became fast,If you don’t do it right away。
What’s more, the ocean is still a local channel,Neuropathy that is not doped!
“Reason,You are worthy of being good at insight,Then you go back and think。remember,You have to go to one’s life,Some words are not convenient to say,Looking directly Liu Gong!Oh,You still don’t know him,I will let him find you again.。”
Higher ocean seizes Gao Baoyi’s hand,Eye looks forward。
“I am with your father with brothers.,You seem to have no crown yet.,This sword,Give you a gift。
The high ocean will directly kill the sword of the two prisoners to Gao Baoyi.。
This is a narrow edge thick ridge.,Near back half round groove,Trick,Direct access。Blood trough in the wrong silver cloud,Uniform arrangement。
Hand and swallow iron wrong silver gold,Yun Wenfang。Crystal handle,Silver-circled dragon,Stering and delicate。
This is really a sword of the bag.,I just pay attention to the suite of sundials.,Didn’t see this sword。
“This is the name of the white cloud sword.,Although it is a sword,But I have always feel that I have a little tone.。Your name is in the name of this person.,Yi is extraordinary,Zall,Also,Just with this Baiyun Sword。”
Gao Yang haha laughed to hand in the hands of the sword to Gao Hi,The eyes of the eyes cannot be rejected.。
“To die for you。”