People’s Network Shanghai January 27th (Ge Junjun, Tang Xiaoli) The fifth meeting of the 15th People’s Congress of Shanghai successfully completed the agenda, and closed at the Shanghai World Expo Center on the afternoon of January 27.

The chairman of the closing ceremony is Li Qiang, Yu Shaoliang, Jiang Zhuoli, Xu Zezhou, Sha Haolin, Cai Wei, Gao Xiaomei, Xiao Guiyu, Mo Liu, Zhu Mingfu, Xucheng, Du Zhi, Yang Yongfei, Lin Jie, Tang Haidong.

Jiang Zhuolheng hosted the meeting.

The meeting should be 866 representatives, and it is 835, and the statutory number. The meeting first voted the list of director tickets and scrutinists. Then, the conference was polished, and 1 deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, 15 members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress; the Municipal People’s Congress Supervision and the Judicial Committee, Agriculture and Rural Commission, the Director of the Social Construction Committee. According to the results of the bill, the Executive Chair of the General Assembly announced that Chen Jing was elected as deputy director of the Fifteen National People’s Congress Standing Committee, Shangguan Sword, Mao Xiangdong, Situ National Sea, Jing Fei, Yan Liqun, Lu Min, Jin Coke, Gu Jinshan, Xu Jian , Xu Jianguang, Huang Hong, Cao Fusheng, Cheng Hehong, Xie Yu, Wei Wei, etc. A member of the Director of the Municipal People’s Congress Social Construction Committee. The meeting has passed the resolution on the work report of the Municipal People’s Government, with the resolution of the fourteenth five-year planning and the vision target outline view, regarding the implementation of the 2020 National Economic and Social Development Plan for 2021 Resolution of the National Economic and Social Development Program, the resolution of the 2020 budget implementation and 2021 budget, the resolution of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the resolution of the Municipal Senior People’s Court Work Report Resolution.

The meeting held a constitutional oath ceremony.

The newly elected Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee part of the constitution is oath.

Jiang Zhuolheng said that the fifth meeting of the 15th People’s Congress of the Municipality completed the agenda, opened into a meeting of democratic unity, inspiring, and reminded a conference.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 Route Objector of the General Assembly were reviewed by the General Assembly.

The plan will adhere to the "people’s urban people’s construction, the people’s city as the people", and unswervingly move towards the world, expand the road to open, and let go of liberation, deepen the way of reform, and break the road of routine, innovate breakthrough, and painting Shanghai " The grand blueprint of 14th and five-year-old and longer-term development, reflecting the close combination of national strategy and Shanghai development, reflecting the party’s claims and the organic unity of the people, is an important legal document to guide Shanghai’s future development, in-depth Implement the new development concept, the first to build a new development pattern, and better serve the national reform and development overall situation is of great significance. During the meeting, the representative of the Municipal People’s Congress proposed 53 representatives and proposed 1040 representatives, showing the high concern and responsibility of the National People’s Congress on high quality development, high quality life and high-efficiency management. Jiang Zhuqing pointed out that the task determined by this conference was successfully completed, marking the new journey of Shanghai "14th Five" has started. The representative of the Municipal People’s Congress must actively promote the spirit of the meeting and the cadres and the masses, take out and then start, from the head of the daughter affair, rumor, struggle, struggle for the spirit, unity lead the broad masses of the people "14 Five "Hongwei Blueprint has been struggling into a beautiful reality.

The city leaders who were invited to attend the conference also: Gong Zheng, Dong Yunhu, Zheng Gong, Liu Xuexin, Zhou Huilin, Zhu Ge Yujie, Hu Wenlong, Ling Xi, Zhu Zhiong, Shi Qing, Peng Shenlei, Chen Qun, Soup Zhiping, Chen Tong, Zhou Hanmin, Zhang Wendi, Li Yiping, Jin Xingming, Huang Zhen, Yan Lijuan, Wu Xinbao, Shouziqi, Qian Feng.

Yin Yizhen, Liu Xiaoyun, Zhang Bencai, Liu Jun, etc. also seated in the chairperson. The General Assembly closed in the majestic national song.

(Editor: Ge Junjun, Jin Yuchun).